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How we deliver our software projects

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How we work at Azumo
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Software Discovery

This is the first touchpoint with our customers and is based on active listening. The result of this stage is a clear vision of the project scope and goals, along with the definition of all resources, milestones, benchmarks and deliverables required for its development.
Requirement Definition
An art and a science. Our analysts work very closely with our customers to surface underlying business needs that must be addressed by a system solution.
UX/UI Design
Creative direction of the project. We ensure that the overall tone matches your desired outcome and that will translate effectively across all viewing devices.
vCTO Solution Illustration
Technical Design
Development blueprint. It specifies to developers what are the requirements, how they should be implemented and the tools and technologies required to nailed it.

Software Development

At this stage, everything collected in the discovery phase is transformed into the tools and solutions offered. We can scale your existing mobile products or build native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile apps from scratch, leveraging the latest trends, technologies and features and ensuring the highest standards.
Agile Development
We focus on tight feedback cycles and continuous improvement by evaluating requirements, plans and outcomes and respond quickly to change. This is what Agile means!.
Progress Reporting
Productivity matters in development. And while many aspects of the process can cloud performance we review our own efforts to ensure we are providing you outstanding service.
The secret to great performing software: test, test, test. We take a scientific view of QA and strongly believe in automated testing and UAT based on clear definitions of done.

Application Deployment

At this stage, all user tests and quality control are carried out for the final launch. Our goal is to ensure that the objectives set, the results obtained and the solution to the original needs are fully aligned, while we guarantee the quality and maintenance of our products and a good communication with our customers.
This is the step by step process that includes planning, designing, building, testing and deploying new software and hardware components in the live environment. Always maintaining integrity of live environment by deploying correct releases.
This is a proactive development where adding additional features or triaging low priority “bugs” do not deteriorate the software design and user experience. Different from reactive development that consists on fixing broken software.

Why we’ve been chosen and referred

We choose the delivery model that suits your business and budget.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all time zones.
We seamlessly integrate into your business operations and communication flow.
We always deliver on time and on budget.
We have a maniacal focus on our customers - and end-users - experience.
We have strong technological competence.