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Do you need to augment your software development staff

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If you're running a development team that's struggling to keep up with the work they have on their plate, it may be time to nearshore staff augmentation through IT services. At Azumo, we increase your ability to grow your company's software development talent based. We help you overcome the challenge of hiring in competitive markets losing talent to bigger companies.

Vetted Software Engineers

We understand your business is dependent upon having talented engineers working for you, but hiring engineers can be difficult, especially if you're already feeling the crunch of your existing developers' busy schedules and asking them to be your internal recruitment team and vet new hires. Nearshore staff augmentation is a great way to get the job done without putting extra strain on your developers. With our nearshore staff augmentation services, you can expect:

  • A flexible workforce that can be scaled up or down as needed
  • Increased collaboration between your team and our nearshore engineers
  • Get new features out-to-market faster
  • Lower total cost of ownership
 Quickly scale your teams to match your project and business needs

Delegate your software development problems to Azumo

We have delivered outstanding outsourced software development solutions to our customers for nearly a decade.

Open Expertise
Icon for Hire Software Developers web, mobile, data, cloud, AI for web Application Development. Software Outsourcing Company.

Web App Development

Our Nearshore Software Web App Development Services focuses on developing cost-effective web and mobile applications that use well tested delivery model practices to hit your delivery timelines and roadmap goals. We have expert software developers who are frontend, backend and fullstack experts

  • Build New Features
  • Maintain Existing Platforms
  • Hire Development Teams
Hire Web App Devs
Nearshore software development outsourcing for web, mobile, cloud devops, data, and AI.
Icon for Hire Software Developers Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development

Our deep understanding of industry trends and our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs allows us to develop world-class mobile applications. Our development goes beyond the responsive interface but also integrating components into your mobile offering so you can compete.

  • Build for Native iOS and Android
  • Cross platform Flutter and React Native
  • Stay ahead of the trends
Build for Mobile
Nearshore software development outsourcing for web, mobile, cloud devops, data, and AI.
Icon for Hire Software Engineers for Managing Cloud and DevOps for AWS, Azure and GCP


Expert DevOps Engineers for AWS, Azure and Google Compute. We have built performant, highly scalable cloud apps using Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and more. We can automate your software application infrastructure.

  • Experts for AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Microservice Ready Infrastructure
  • Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
Hire for DevOps
Nearshore software development outsourcing for web, mobile, cloud devops, data, and AI.
Icon for Hire Software Developers Building Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications (AI)

AI & Machine Learning

One of our inspirations for Azumo was to help businesses build custom intelligent apps. At Azumo, we are an artificial intelligence development company. We have built AI/ML based solutions for some of the largest companies globally. Let us help you unlock the full potential of AI to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

  • Pre-trained ML Models
  • Expert NLP Engineers
  • Unlock your data's full potential
Build Intelligent Apps
Nearshore software development outsourcing for web mobile cloud data and AI.
Icon for Hire Software Developers Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Our team of data engineers, analysts, and scientists can help you manage and make sense of your most complex data sets. With years of experience working with businesses from a variety of industries, we understand the challenges that arise when dealing with large quantities of data.

  • Build Data Pipelines
  • Create Data Visualizations
  • Use Modern Data Lakes
Hire Data Engineers
Nearshore software development outsourcing for web, mobile, cloud devops, data, and AI.
Our nearshore staff augmentation services for software development outsourcing has helped our clients to produce better products faster and within budget.

Leverage Azumo as Your Nearshore Staff Augmentation Company

The engagement process is simple: Share your expectations, share your knowledge, organization size, and timeframes. We will discuss the profiles for the project with you during a free consultation and the discovery process.  We will introduce you to profiles of team members we believe can successfully build and work within your stated project goals


We Invest in Our Development Team

We invest in our nearshore development team so that you benefit from our collective development and technical knowledge.
We offer advanced continuous training to our team
We provide edge collaboration tools to make communication easy
We sponsor professional certifications for our developers and staff
AI development by Azumo

We Emphasize Agile Development

Our team focuses on using agile development processes to increase development productivity. We also work with you to fit into your preferred methodologies.
Minimal time difference between you and our nearshore developers
No need for late night calls and planning sessions - your day is our day
We deploy delivery specialists (at no cost) to every project to ensure high performance
AI development by Azumo

We Increase Your Flexibility

Scale your team with Azumo. We have a track record of success building solutions and staffing development teams from South America.
Launch your projects quickly
Easily add specialist talent for web, mobile, data, AI, and DevOps
Gain control of your budget and productivity
AI development by Azumo

The Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Outsourcing can give you access to expertise, economies of scale, and the global reach for talent that you need to compete. Here are six great reasons why you should consider nearshore outsourcing with Azumo for your software project:

Succeed with Azumo Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Before narrowing your search for a nearshore software outsourcing provider, make a wider assessment of your nearshore development partner and the countries where they have development teams. Think of companies with high concentrations or a development center in a single country as a potential red flag.

Latin America is a proven source for highly skilled software development outsourcing talent. There is a good public and private university system across the continent. Their technical programs are very good and have a rigorous focus on computer science, data engineering, and data science skills.

Positive indicators include a high level of digital skills education and strong technology infrastructure.  And no matter what, you will find that most countries in South America and particularly their engineering talent will have good-to-great English language skills.

And of course there are strong cultural and oftentimes familial ties to the United States.

100+ Successful Outsourcing Engagements

A good nearshore provider will be able to demonstrate a modern, disciplined approach to software development. Ideally, they should be able to demonstrate successful long-term engagements with other companies.

Strong Team of Engineers with varied Skillsets

From the beginning of your partnership, the focus should be on assembling a team comprised of strong project management, knowledgeable software engineers, good quality assurance, and DevOps engineers from Latin America with the skillset to integrate and deliver custom software development solutions successfully.

Onshore Presence in the United States

Working with a US-based nearshore firm is useful since it provides another connection point and, at times, can be a key difference maker. We have a strong presence in the United States and Latin America, may assist project completion and identify additional areas of cooperation.

Why choose Azumo for
Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services

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Our software engineering workforce is made up of highly skilled developers, analysts, and project managers with a proven track record of building great products for customers like you. While they are remote, they are also nearshore and work in your time zone.
We Follow your Internal Processes

With our staff augmentation services, our engineers work in dedicated teams with your team members. We follow your internal processes. We take part in your regular daily meetings. We believe you can accelerate development through project outsourcing when daily ceremonies are conducted jointly with your in-house or local team. To maintain oversight and increase productivity, our resources working for you can report directly to your project managers and business leaders.

Project Outsourcing for a Wide Array of Needs

At Azumo our IT staffing services are available for every sort of project, from simple prototyping to complex development of desktop, mobile, data, or web applications. We have a deep talent pool of resources to cost-efficiently provide a range of skills from Data Scientists to Software Developers to the Project Manager and Quality Assurance and Automated Testing Engineers for your business.

Our clients appreciate the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our team augmentation services. Our project outsourcing model provides a wide range of development consultancy services for enterprises that want to expand their internal development teams.

Team of Experts

We’re the fastest and easiest way to hire developers for team augmentation. Our team of experts can help you find the perfect group of resources to fit your project in just a few days. You won’t have to spend hours searching through resumes or interviewing candidates when we do all that work for you! Plus, our pricing is simple and straightforward so there are no hidden fees or surprises. We believe in 100% transparency.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation Leader

With Azumo, you get access to top-notch software development resources without having to worry about any of the hassle that comes with hiring on your own. We take care of everything from finding great remote developers to ongoing training throughout their careers at Azumo.

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