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What is a Nearshore Software Development Company?

Nearshore software development services have increasingly become a common strategy for enterprises of all sizes across the United States. While companies have used nearshore software outsourcing since the 1990s, reliance on nearshore software development companies such as Azumo has accelerated significantly in recent years.

Nearshore software outsourcing occurs when a company outsources work such as software development to a country nearby. In the United States, nearshore outsourcing is most commonly associated with technology companies farming out web application or mobile app development work to a nearshore development partner in South America.

Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina are popular nearshore development centers in Latin America. All countries in Latin America share time zones with the United States and Canada. Their relative geographical proximity also encourages a lot of cultural and language overlap making collaboration easier.  At Azumo, more than 50% of our in-house team are from these four popular countries and we have also found gifted developers across Latin America and the Caribbean.  

Geographic Proximity: Time Zones for Nearshore and offshore

Future of Work is Remote and Outsourced

The Benefits of Working with a Nearshore Software Development Company

There are many reasons for engaging a nearshore software development company like Azumo. By using a nearshore software development outsourcing services company, you can:

  • Free your software development teams from hiring and training,
  • Increase your business and operating flexibility, and
  • Improve your software development velocity and code quality, which many studies suggest may help you stay ahead of the competition.

Time zone Similarity:

The best application development projects for nearshore software development are a collaboration between the client and the nearshore development company or a nearshore team of software developers. This is why time zone differences greater than 5 to 6 hours create havoc.  At either end of the daily effort, the project managers have limited time to discuss issues and effectively plan with their counterparts as time zone differences create real obstacles for collaboration.

Cultural Alignment:

As highlighted, South America's geographical proximity shares a broad range of time zones with North America, unlike Eastern Europe and India. For this reason, alone, many companies located in the U.S. have sought out development partners who reside nearshore and who share many cultural similarities to us in the United States and similar time zone.

Well Educated Workforce:

Latin American boast some of the best technical universities in the world. They have a long tradition of excellence in engineering and computer science. In addition, many South American developers have gone on to earn graduate degrees at U.S. institutions and have native-level fluency in English. At Azumo, many of our team members held full-time software development jobs while studying in university and have practical real-wold experience too.

Greater Cost Control:

Cost reduction has always been a critical consideration in outsourcing decisions. Still, companies that pick Azumo as their nearshore outsourcing vendor are driven by our high level of software programming capabilities, as well as the value Azumo provides to their software development initiatives.

By outsourcing to a nearshore software development services company, companies like yours will have the chance to work with experts in your domain.

Additionally, having an outsourced development center may also protect your business from the increasing difficulties of hiring and retaining in house staff.

The Future of Work is Changing

Future of Work is Remote and Outsourced

The pandemic made Nearshore software development Company outsourcing easier

In the wake of the pandemic, more and more companies have turned to software outsourcing as not only a cost-effective solution for their development needs but also a logical extension of the world of work. With remote work becoming the new norm, geographical boundaries have become less important when it comes to finding talented developers.

Additionally, outsourcing software development has allowed companies to focus on their core competencies and delegate tasks to external experts. This frees up valuable time and resources that can be channeled towards maintaining business operations during uncertain times. And avoids growing uncertainties many companies have experienced during great resignation.

The pandemic has also made it easier to software development outsourcing, as many companies have moved to remote work arrangements. This has made it easier for software outsourcing services companies to connect with a global pool of talented resources.

In fact many of the challenges associated with software outsourcing and outsourcing in general were proven moot in the midst of the pandemic.  The rise of outstanding collaboration tools gave companies, employees and contractors the ability to connect in real-time.   As a result, businesses can now access the best software talent from around the world, regardless of location.

As a top rated nearshore software developer, Azumo allows you to benefit from close alignment through our nearshore software development process. We serve our customers from our global locations that share similar language, time zone, and culture.

Key Trends: Beyond the Pandemic These Drivers are Reshaping Software Development

Industries without Borders

Leading companies are blurring sector boundaries to target new revenue pools. To create new products fast they are outsourcing part or all of the development. Incumbents will need to keep pace to fend off more technology heavy leaders.

Shorter technology cycles

With the advent of quantum computing, we will see technology cycles continue to shorten which will accelerate time to market requirements. Scaling development teams quickly becomes a competitive weapon in this environment.

Software continues to eat services

As more enterprises productize, spend on software will be disproportionately higher than that of existing people based services. The last decades rise in "as-a-service" offerings coupled with Machine Learning will be a major growth driver for development.

Delivery's evolution to Agile

The use of agile development and adoption of collaboration tools will predominate. With the move toward work-from-home and remote, distributed team will become an integral part of most companies software delivery model.

Tips on Choosing Your Nearshore Software Development Company Outsourcing Provider

Latin America has become a proven source for highly skilled software development outsourcing. These countries also have good university systems with a strong focus on computer science, data engineering, data analysis, and data science skills.

Importantly, many developers will have strong cultural and oftentimes familial ties to the United States and North America. And no matter what, you will find that most countries in South America and particularly their engineering talent will have good-to-great English language skills.

1. A Good Nearshore Track Record

A good nearshore provider will be able to demonstrate a modern, disciplined approach to software development. Ideally, they should be able to demonstrate successful long-term engagements with other companies.

2. Strong Team of Engineers

From the beginning of your partnership, the focus should be on assembling a team comprised of strong project management, knowledgeable software engineers, good quality assurance, and DevOps engineers with the skillset to integrate and deliver custom software development solutions successfully.

3. Well Distributed Teams

When narrowing your search for the right nearshore software outsourcing provider, make a wider assessment of your nearshore development partner and the countries where they have development teams. Think of companies with high concentrations in a single country as a potential red flag.

4. An Onshore Presence in the U.S.

Working with a US-based nearshore firm may be useful since it provides another connection point and, at times, can be a key difference maker. Working with Azumo, which has a strong presence in the United States, may assist project completion and identify additional areas of cooperation.

5. Preference for Modern Frameworks

The nearshore software development industry is advancing quickly. So if your nearshore provider can boast staying current with nearshore trends and having a strong IT governance framework in place, especially around testing tools and other modern engineering practices, that's another checkmark.

Efficiently Scaling Software Development Teams Leads to More Business Growth

High growth companies benefit from scaling software development teams

Why choose Azumo for
Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing

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Azumo is an innovative, agile, and lean nearshore software development services provider. We’re committed to helping our clients build better products with high-quality code that’s delivered on time and within budget. Our team of talented engineers is passionate about what they do, which means your project will be in good hands from start to finish.

Highly Trained Software Development Team

We train Our team on modern software development techniques.  We have a strong preference for employing the agile methodology to develop software for our clients. As a software services company, we are both the client and product owner of our own products, which helps us stay on top of new technologies.

We move engineers who are not actively deployed to internal projects to build cutting-edge solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Infrastructure, Blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation. This is how we further invest in improving our nearshore software development model.

Perfect Nearshore Development Partner

We are a nearshore services provider specializing in building mobile apps, web applications, conversational apps, data-centric infrastructure, and cloud-based systems. Our team is made up of talented software engineers, designers, business analysts, project managers, DevOps engineers, and QA specialists who have extensive experience working with emerging tech companies, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

We’re passionate about creating amazing products that solve real problems for our clients. And we love to do it on time and within budget! You can trust us to deliver the best possible product because we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, transparency, and honesty. You can have peace of mind knowing your project is being managed by experienced professionals who understand the importance of quality workmanship.

We believe in delivering projects on time, so you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines or overspending on resources that aren’t needed anymore

Unique Nearshore Outsourcing Model

You won’t find another company like Azumo out there today. We only hire the most talented developers with years of experience under their belts, so you know when working with us that your project will be in good hands from start to finish. With Azumo by your side, you can rest easy knowing that your projects will always be completed on time and within budget.

Azumo:  Your Trusted Nearshore Software Development Company Partner

Azumo nearshore software development company has a US-based presence, which is important for many reasons. A nearshore software outsourcing partner that also has a US-based office can offer significant advantages over those who do not. Here are four key reasons why:

We Work Remotely:

Our nearshore software development team work remotely, where we provide them access to the latest tools and technologies to make remote collaboration easier, more secure and productive.

We invest in our team:

We offer every one of our team members access to top training programs, and we pay for them to get enhanced certifications.  We do this so they can deliver innovative solutions for our customers. We invest in our nearshore development team so that you, as the customer, benefit from their knowledge.  Our company culture is based on the idea that every company will look to build intelligent apps and want to do so affordably.

We Motivate Our Software Engineers:

We encourage our team to be curious in their free time, and we reward them for new ideas that have a positive social or financial impact. From there, we also share in the growth of Azumo through our equity ownership program and a profit-sharing program.  By treating our own team like owners we believe they will bring an owners' mindset to our client's nearshore software development projects.

Strong English First Approach

At Azumo we focus on having strong english language capabilities and cultural compatibility. Our emphasis on language and culture allows us to create smooth working partnerships. We know first hand how English-fluent nearshore development teams can rapidly understand technical nuances. Culture fit makes communication more natural and opinions or insights flow more easily.

Azumo: Agile Collaboration is key for nearshore software development

High growth companies benefit from scaling software development teams

Our team specializes in using agile development processes.  We communicate with our clients during their regular, normal working hours. For the most part, there is a minimal time difference between you and our nearshore developers - typically no greater than 2-3 hours at most. Our day-time hours match your day-time hours, eliminating late-night calls often found with teams based in Eastern Europe, South Asia, or India.

With Azumo, you can scale your team with one of the finest nearshore software development companies with operations in Latin America. We can help you get your software development project launched, help you meet urgent deadlines, and quickly add specialists to address your skill-based software needs. Our priority is to make development work faster and meet deadlines as soon as possible so you can build and deliver cutting-edge technology for your customers and stakeholders.

Where is Azumo's Team

Beyond the U.S., we have a long history of hiring and developing software engineers based in Latin America.

We have become a trusted partner to over 100 companies, in doing so more than 90% of our business comes from repeat customers, expansions, and customer referrals. We so strongly believe in the Latin American Market that we have grown a large team across many of the countries, including

Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
Nearshore Software Outsourcing Country
dominican republic

What Software Project Can Be Outsourced to Azumo?

At Azumo, we have helped customer discover the benefits of nearshore software development across the software development life cycle. Our software projects include:

Web App Development:

At Azumo, we have long track record building Web applications across a a host of technologies and frameworks. Our approach can go beyond finding good engineers for your development project.  We can also provide testing, business analysis, DevOps, UI design and so much more.

Mobile App Development:

If you need a mobile app for your business, we can assist in creating one or connecting one to new systems. From iOS to Android to cross-platform applications like Flutter, React Native and others we can build for mobile.

Custom Software Development:

If you have specific software needs that cannot be met by off-the-shelf software, a software outsourcing company can develop custom software for you. At Azumo we can deploy as a dedicated team or on a project basis. We can even assign a vCTO to your project.

Testing and Quality Assurance:

Our team of QAs, starts with QA automation engineers who can built test cases that automate the sometimes infinite number of ways a user may interact with your application. We can help you test and ensure the quality of your software products before they are released to the public.

Maintenance and Support:

After your software is released, we have built solutions and teams to provide maintenance and support services to keep it running smoothly. We take a cloud based approach to developing applications that facilitate improved application performance and availability.

DevOps and Cloud Deployment:

Azumo has a deep and skilled Cloud Development team knowledgeable in AWS, Azure, Google, Heroku and others.  We can help you manage your software development and deployment process, as well as provide cloud migration services using Kubernetes, Docker and Terraform.

Data Engineering and Analytics:

At Azumo we can help you collect, process and analyze large data sets using Apache Hadoop, Spark, Snowflake and other data technologies. You can harness your business data to take advantage of advances in AI and Machine Learning for digital transformation.

MVP and POC Development:

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (POC) can be built to test new features and technologies. Working with a team like Azumo can help you pick the best technologies for your new product or platform.

Our Software Development Company outsourcing Model

Dedicated Team

All of the tasks necessary for your team are included with Our Services. This team is made up of a project manager (PM), software engineers, QA experts, and other roles that are defined by you for each project. The Azumo’s Customer Success Manager, Franchise Owner and Technical Lead, work together with you and your product owner to manage the process.

The Delivery Team, while autonomous, communicates and provides status updates as often as you need. The team uses feedback and discoveries from testing to modify the design and functions of the application and report to you. Our Delivery Teams are well-trained and experienced, working in short sprints to attack the backlog while maintaining flexibility to reorder and adapt if needed.

Get Dedicated Team

Project-Based Development

We are in charge of the whole development process, from establishing the specifications to allocating workflow, setting deadlines, and conducting quality testing. We have experience designing, building, deploying and managing any number of software solutions.

We utilize our broad experience with nearshore software development outsourcing to provide the perfect product for you. We also take charge of training and maintenance so that you can continue using the software without difficulty. Every project we do can follow UML, Agile, Waterfall, SCRUM.

Chat About My Project

IT Staff Augmentation

Our IT staffing services deliver the speed, expert knowledge, and adaptability your business requires to scale quickly and finish on time.

As an extended team, we participate in your regular daily meetings, report directly to your managers, providing a significant competitive advantage for your Company. Our IT staffing services ensure you can focus on your core competencies while your Azumo extended team works seamlessly with yours, enabling you to meet deadlines and grow your business.

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