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Hire DevOps Engineers and Cloud Consultants

Get expert DevOps Engineers for AWS, Azure and GCP. We have built and managed performant, resilient, and scalable cloud infrastructure for over a 100 customers. We can automate your software application infrastructure.
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Staff Your DevOps Teams with Azumo

With Azumo, you will have an experienced nearshore DevOps Engineering partner who will help you make confident, well-articulated decisions so you can reduce risk and get the most out of your cloud services and infrastructure spend.

Our Focus

Confidently Engineer DevOps Solutions and Automate Your Cloud Infrastructure

Our DevOps EngineeringServices help companies release software faster and more frequently while ensuring quality, security, scalability and reliability. Our team of expert DevOps engineers have extensive experience with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They can help you build performant and highly scalable cloud applications using Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and other technologies. Our DevOps Engineers can automate your software application infrastructure, resulting in a better user experience and more cost savings. Check out our work building and managing Cloud Data Infrastructure -->
Outsourced DevOps Engineering

Outsourced DevOps Engineering Nearshore

Our DevOps Engineers are experts at designing, building, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. They are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and tools as well as with AWS, GCP, and Azure. We have worked with over 100 organizations who have come to realize the power and flexibility of deploying and managing their services in the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your legacy system to the cloud and enjoy its unparalleled scalability, infrastructure flexibility and limitless resources.

Cloud Application Development

Leverage the benefits of cloud computing and build microservices powered cloud applications that are secure, flexible and reliable.

Docker containers

Our expertise in containerization and orchestration technologies ensures that your applications are highly portable, easily scalable, and can run efficiently in various environments. By leveraging advanced container platforms and orchestration tools, we help you deploy and manage your applications more effectively, reducing the operational overhead and simplifying the development lifecycle.
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Infrastructure as-a-code automation services

At Azumo, we utilize cutting-edge IAC tools to automate the provisioning and management of your infrastructure. This approach enables consistent and reliable environments, reducing the risk of configuration drift and ensuring that your infrastructure is scalable, secure, and easily maintainable. Our team is well-versed in various IAC tools, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that best suit your needs.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Tools

Our experienced team leverages industry-leading CI/CD tools to streamline the software development process, enabling faster delivery and increased reliability. By automating the building, testing, and deployment of applications, we help reduce human error and ensure that your software is always up-to-date and ready for production.

Cloud Management and Monitoring

Effective monitoring and logging are crucial for maintaining optimal application performance and ensuring the security and stability of your infrastructure. Our team at Azumo uses state-of-the-art monitoring and logging tools to collect, analyze, and visualize data from your applications and infrastructure. This enables us to detect and resolve issues proactively, optimize system performance, and provide valuable insights to drive informed decision-making.
Cloud Migration Service

Cloud Engineering

Embark on a seamless cloud migration journey with our comprehensive suite of services, designed to address the unique challenges businesses face during the transition. From strategy development to infrastructure assessment, security assurance, cost optimization, and change management, we've got you covered.

Cloud Strategy and Roadmapping

Forge a clear path to the cloud with a tailored strategy and roadmap. We'll align your goals and objectives with the right cloud platforms and services to ensure seamless migration and ongoing management.

Infrastructure and Application Assessment

Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure and applications. Our in-depth assessments identify bottlenecks, security risks, and optimization opportunities, ensuring compatibility and peak performance in the cloud.

Security and Compliance Assurance

Safeguard your data and meet industry standards with our comprehensive security and compliance review. We'll identify vulnerabilities, address compliance requirements, and fortify your cloud environment against threats.

Cost Optimization

Maximize your cloud investment with our cost optimization and ROI analysis. We'll balance the costs of cloud services, infrastructure, and resources with potential savings and benefits, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Change Management

Embrace the cloud with confidence through effective change management. We'll train your staff on new processes, tools, and technologies, fostering a collaborative culture and driving continuous improvement.