About Us

Since 2016, our customers have powered their development teams with talented, dedicated software developers from Azumo. Through shared values, focused teamwork and thoughtful work we have helped our customers build intelligent application.

Build Intelligent Apps

Azumo was founded with a vision for helping companies of all sizes build intelligent applications. Our experience told us that companies would need to adopt modern technologies to compete in a rapidly digitizing world.

But the reality is that most companies struggle to innovate and modernize affordably. There just aren't enough good, highly skilled local developers out there. That is why we focus on nearshore software development from Latin America.

Since our very first customer, Twitter, we have developed AI, data, mobile, and enterprise software applications in the cloud. Every day our customers collaborate in real time with our highly trained, engaged nearshore software development teams.

Fast Facts

customers working with our nearshore development teams
4.9 stars
rating from customers on Clutch.co
years, average length of customer relationship
Customer Net Retention Rate
Latin American countries with Azumo developers
years since our founding in San Francisco, California

Our Values

Nearshore Software Staff Augmentation

Remote First

We don’t sit around in rows of cubes or stand at super-hip standup desks in an office to get things done or communicate. We are a distributed company, built with 100% remote talent all nearshore.

Nearshore Software Staff Augmentation

Genius is Everywhere

Even in a globally connected world, many people do not get the chance to show their talents. We've built a recruiting engine that finds talented developers and makes them part of our global organization.

Nearshore Software Staff Augmentation

Work at the Forefront

Our focus on modern programming languages and emerging technologies helps us attract the best developers to Azumo.  Experienced engineers seek us out when they are ready for a new challenge.

Clean desk of an Azumo remote worker

Our developers focus on all aspects of software development to deliver high quality code to our customer projects. Read more about our best practices in our Project Outsourcing Handbook

Photo of an African American founder and CEO of a black owned software development company

Why Us?

Today, the confluence of data, cloud, mobility, and AI creates a remarkable range of opportunities for companies of all sizes. We built Azumo with the belief that companies like yours would choose to build intelligent applications. It’s the reason our team combines expertise in modern front-end technologies, data infrastructure, and artificial intelligence.

From a business perspective we believe in collaboration and true alignment with our customers. That belief extends to how we interact with you and how we think deeply about your challenges.

We hope that through this website and your conversations with us we convey two points. One, our belief that you can build scalable, flexible, cost-effective software. And two, that you can modernize your technology stack, reliably release new features, and create a clear technical competitive advantage through nearshore software development with Azumo.

Chike Agbai. Founder and CEO