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We are shaping the future with the most innovative solutions

That’s why we look for enthusiastic, intelligent and proactive teammates, who are committed to generating a positive impact on people's lives.

Our Culture

We are Remote-only

We don’t have to sit around in rows of cubes or super-hip standup desks in an office to get things done or communicate anymore. That’s why we are a distributed Company, built with 100% remote talent that learned how to work productively from anywhere.

We are diverse

We just want you to unleash your full potential and reach new levels of personal and professional development. We know that humanity is diverse, not homogeneous; that's why we respect individuals as they are and celebrate diversity.

We believe talent is born anywhere

Many People do not get the chance to express their talents because of their circumstances. We created a culture that search for this talent anywhere and make them part of a global organization.

Not everything is work

An incredible work environment is one in which we can connect with people who make our day special and enjoyable. For this reason, we always have reasons to have fun together: birthdays, integration activities, mentoring and fun Christmas parties, are just some of them.

We want quality of life for you

We provide one of the most attractive salary packages on the market. We constantly review the organization's salary allocation to ensure that everyone receives what they need to live better and do more. So we build a powerful relationship with our talent based on empathy.

We are at the forefront

At Azumo we offer training so that you keep up to date with innovations.We implement the most modern work tools to work faster, easier and more efficiently. We have the most current information technologies that allow us to communicate fluently, connect at all times

Our People

Talent is born everywhere. We always manage to find it.

Chike Agbai

Founder & CEO

JP Lorandi

Chief Technical Officer

Pablo Baio

Chief of Staff

Carla Panelo

Head of Recruiting

Marina Bottacchi

Product Development Lead

Shivam Bawa

Director New Client Partnerships

Margaret Genatios

Head of Marketing
Chike Agbai
Founder & CEO
Pablo Baio
Chief Manager
JP Lorandi
Shivam Bawa
Carla Panelo
Recruiting & HR
Maximiliano Teruel
Sr. Python & MLOps Dev.
Martin Galli
Sr. Software Engineer
Gonzalo BuszMicz
Sr. Software Engineer
Pablo Fiumara
Software developer
Mariangely Salazar
Data Engineer
Gerardo Bortolotto
Tech Recruiter
Nahuel Gaviño
Tech Recruiter
Omar Gastón
Software Engineer
Lenin Salazar
Business Analyst Project Manager
Candela Onzari
Ignacio Grassini
Software Engineer
Alejandro Mouras
Software Engineer
Jeremías Reyes
Full Stack Developer
Renzo Diaz
Full-Stack Ruby Developer
Margaret Genatios

Why us?
In the words of our founder

Today, the confluence of data, cloud, mobility, and AI creates a remarkable range of opportunities for companies of all sizes. We built Azumo with the belief that companies like yours would choose to build intelligent applications. It’s the reason our team combines expertise in modern front-end technologies, data infrastructure, and machine learning. From a business perspective we believe in collaboration and true alignment with our customers. That belief extends to how we interact with you and how we think deeply about your challenges.
Hopefully through our website and speaking with us, you gather that we believe you can build a scalable, flexible, cost-effective solution.  A solution that not only modernizes your technology stack but also enables you to create a clear technical competitive advantage, from which both you and your customers can benefit.
At our core we are a software developer. We provide software developers to your team who can build, solve problems and help you move at a faster pace. But regardless of where you are in your technical journey maybe we can connect and start a conversation.
Chike Agbai. Founder and CEO

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