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Our virtual CTO Services offers a fractional or virtual chief technology executive to manage all aspects of your technology platform
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"The virtual CTO service has helped push our technology strategy into the future. Azumo's virtual CTO has been a great partner in helping us move our business forward."
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vCTOs in an On-Demand Economy

At Azumo, we provide virtual CTO services for businesses looking to manage or scale their platform, accelerate their technology projects, and reduce technology issues. We help you reach your business goals through our robust virtual CTO service.

Our service includes architecting, engineering and software development, cloud infrastructure systems creation, and ongoing maintenance of the software and application systems. We even support disaster recovery. We consult with you and develop a plan that helps you meet your strategic goals.

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We start with a fundamental question: "What is your company trying to accomplish strategically?"
We Plan with You

Once we understand your vision and strategy, we can begin our planning and design. As virtual CTOs, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, but we also recognize the importance of controlling cost for our clients. We will always opt for the cost-optimized approach to fit the needs of clients. Our strategy relies on making sure that you succeed and we become a trusted, reliable partner.

Focus on What Matters

We are here to help your business grow so you can focus on what's most important - running your company! We'll take care of all the critical functions of the CTO so you can focus on finding customers, perfecting the go-to-market, and raising capital. We remove the worry and will serve as your trusted advisor. In today's tech-driven world, businesses need all the help they can get to stay afloat, let alone thrive.

Team of Experts

The virtual CTO service from Azumo is an excellent option for managing your technology platform. Whether you need someone to develop an application, implement a solution, or offer virtual CTO services in general, we are here to provide our expertise so that you can focus on what matters most.

Virtual CTO Service Leader

We have worked with Facebook, Twitter, Discovery Channel, and more. We can help you develop a strategy to maximize your system and get the most value from your AWS, Azure, or Google cloud infrastructure. We can help your company grow and optimize its systems through our expertise in software development, virtualized hosting hardware, and business analysis.

Do you need virtual CTO Services?

The CTO's role is to become the organization's technology analyst responsible for marshaling all of the company's strategic technology assets. But more importantly, the CTO must shape the technology vision for the organization and be able to craft initiatives that enable you to meet goals on time and within budget.

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Overcome the Talent Shortage

A recent Gartner study identified talent shortages as the Biggest Barrier to Emerging Technologies Adoption. While all businesses are keenly feeling the impact of too few skilled software engineers, the need for experienced senior-level technology experts is a growing challenge for entrepreneurs and non-technical founders. The investment required to hire a full-time technology executive may be prohibitive for many companies. But without a doubt, a good CTO can accelerate your technology project and broaden your company's capabilities.

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Better Marshal Your Technology Assets

As a nearshore software development company, we understand that not all companies can recruit a Chief Technology executive. In this environment hiring software engineers can be a challenge, let alone finding someone with the technical skillset required to craft the strategies you need to compete.

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Realize Business Success

To have a successful business, you need to be flexible and offer solutions that match the technology needs of your customers. The virtual CTO service from Azumo is a great option for managing your technology platform. Rather than hiring a full-time CTO, you can work with an Azumo virtual CTO who has the technical expertise and creativity to develop intelligent modern applications focused on the future of your business.

Succeed with Azumo's vCTO Service

Azumo offers a virtual CTO service that provides your business with the technical expertise it needs to thrive. If you are looking to manage or scale your development, you can rely on our extensive experience. We know that finding a Chief Technology officer can be difficult.

But having their expertise can create a significant competitive advantage. We have built solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Discovery Channel, and more. Our technology leads and architects have the presence and expertise to support the strategic initiatives of the business.

With the advent of the pandemic, business success involves the ability to offer your customers and stakeholders solutions on-demand, anywhere. Designing, deploying, and managing a technology solution with that in mind takes significant expertise and attention to detail. A Chief Technology Officer needs to be able to understand all of the available technical approaches at their disposal and be able to craft scalable, highly available systems that can help you achieve your strategic objectives.

Technology Project Design

We have experience using a wide range of application development strategies: from agile to waterfall to Kanban. We even bring our preferences and try to explain the pros and cons of each approach so you can control the cost and speed of development.

Right Tools for Your Goals

We have a team of professionals that can help you with all sorts of software languages and platforms, particularly those most in-demand skills such as Python, Ruby, C#, Java, Go, React, and Node.

Industry Specifc Skills

We speak your language. Our clients get access to technology architects who have years of experience developing solutions in their sectors. From financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, and more.

Emerging Technologies

Our team can double click one layer deeper to advise you on building custom solutions for Blockchain, NFTs, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Chatbots, Data Engineering and more. Just ask.

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Our Nearshore Software
Development Solutions
Dedicated Teams
All of the tasks necessary for your team are included with Our Services. This team is made up of a project manager (PM), software engineers, QA experts, and other roles that are defined by you for each project. The Azumo’s Customer Success Manager, Franchise Owner and Technical Lead, work together with you and your product owner to manage the process.
The Delivery Team, while autonomous, communicates and provides status updates as often as you need. The team uses feedback and discoveries from testing to modify the design and functions of the application and report to you. Our Delivery Teams are well-trained and experienced, working in short sprints to attack the backlog while maintaining flexibility to reorder and adapt if needed.
Hire a Team
IT Staff Augmentation
Having the right-sized team is essential to every successful endeavor, and as they enter new phases of maturity, it's sometimes necessary to add new members who are simply perfect for the position. Our IT staffing services deliver the speed, expert knowledge, and adaptability your staff requires to scale quickly and finish on time.
Your Extended Team is part of your local team and participates in your regular daily meetings, reporting directly to your managers, providing a significant competitive advantage for your Company. Our IT staffing services works with every sort of project: from prototype to full-scale development of mobile apps & web applications, from architecture & build to deploy data infrastructure and Cloud-based solutions.
Our IT staffing services ensure you can focus on your core competencies while your extended team works seamlessly with yours, enabling you to meet deadlines and grow your business.
Scale Your Team
Project-Based Development
Your collaborator firm is in charge of the whole development process, from establishing the specifications to allocating workflow, setting deadlines, and conducting quality testing.  We have experience designing, building, deploying and managing any number of software solutions.
We utilize our broad experience with nearshore software development outsourcing to provide the perfect product for you. As we near completion, we also take charge of training and maintenance so that you can continue using the software without difficulty. Every project we do can follow UML, Agile, Waterfall, or SCRUM.
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An Elite Software Development Company

Application Web Development

We design and build fast, simple, and elegant custom software solutions that run easily across multiple browsers, mobile phones, and tablets, with React, Python, Node, Java, and C#. Application Web Development

Mobile App

We build native iOS and Android mobile apps and cross-platform digital solutions using React Native or Flutter. Our custom software development services approach gets the most out of your mobile app development budget. Mobile App Development


Everyone is leveraging the cloud for some part of their business today. But are you designing your applications to take advantage of AWS, Kubernetes, and Docker. Our cloud DevOps team can help you build and manage for the cloud. Cloud Computing

Data Analytics Engineering

Data is the most important part of your business. We help you turn data into insights with Data Warehousing, ETL, Reporting, and Data Visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik. Data Engineering


We've built software solutions using the latest technologies. Let Azumo design, build and manage your Data Infrastructure, Blockchain, IoT, and Robotic Process Automation solutions. Digital Transformation

Software Maintenance Services

With our seasoned software engineers, we’ve been able to tackle some difficult challenges over the years, including maintaining, modernizing, and migrating legacy custom solutions that are decades out of date. Nearshore Software Development

We have a strong background leveraging modern frameworks, technologies, and the cloud. Our skills range from software architecture to software engineering, creating and managing cloud systems, and planning and ongoing management of the software application. We designed our vCTO service to do all of this for you!

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