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Our virtual CTO Services offers a fractional or virtual chief technology officer to manage all aspects of your technology platform so you can focus on the business.

Service Overview

Virtual CTO Services

Our Virtual CTO takes on the critical functions of the CTO so you can focus on finding customers, perfecting the go-to-market, and raising capital. We remove the worry over your technical infrastructure and software development.

We start with thinking like an owner. We architect, design and re-think systems so you have a manageable technology platform. Our senior architects and technical leaders have worked for Facebook, Twitter, Discovery Channel, and more and have the skills and experience you need.

We also develop strategies to maximize your system and get the most value from your AWS, Azure, or Google cloud infrastructure. We can help your company grow and optimize its systems through our expertise in software development, virtualized hosting hardware, and business analysis.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, but we also recognize the importance of controlling cost for our clients. We will always opt for the cost-optimized approach to fit your needs

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