Nearshore Data Engineers and Data Scientists

Hire Fully Vetted Data Engineers and Data Scientists

Get nearshore experts to unlock and understand your data. Find the insights you need to make fast decisions. Manage your massive streams of data.

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Highly Skilled Nearshore Data Engineers and Data Scientists

We have worked with many of the most popular tools, frameworks and technologies for building, integrating, managing and visualizing data solutions. Check out our work in Machine Learning and AI -->


Data Engineers

Our data engineers are experts at designing, building, and maintaining data pipelines. They are skilled in a wide range of programming languages and tools, including Python, Java, Spark, Hadoop, and AWS.

Build Data Pipelines

We will build and manage data pipelines. From creating complex flows to integrating with third-party sources, we have seen it all and understand how to build powerful data pipelines

Transform Your Data

Our team of data engineering experts can help you transform your data into organized and normalised insights to drive better decisions. We cleanse, normalize and organize data for analysis

Data Ingestion and Data Quality

Get the the accuracy and reliability you need from your data with our comprehensive data ingestion and quality control

Data Visualization Services

Makes sense of your data by building data visualization assets using Tableau, PowerBI and other tools

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Skilled Data Analysts and Data Scientists

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

Our team of skilled data analysts and data scientists are here to help you fully realize the potential of your data. With their expertise in data modeling, machine learning, and visualization, they can help you extract valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive your business forward. Whether you need support with a specific project or ongoing data strategy consultation, we have the resources and expertise to help you succeed

Data Analysis

Gather reviews and analyze data to find insights and identify patterns and insights quickly

Discover Insights

Leverage our team to think critically and expand the scope of data gathering, discovery and analysis

Data Tooling

Understand visualization tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Sisense, Qlikview

Data Mining

Extract value from data through advanced statistical techniques and create data models to find new business opportunities

Generative AI

Identify patterns and make insights quickly. Automate business activities through improved understanding of your data.

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Machine Learning Engineers (MLOps)

Our MLOps engineers are experts at data science and software engineering. They use a combination of data analysis techniques, machine learning algorithms, and data engineering tools to help companies discover insights from their data at scale. Learn More About Our AI and ML Development

Develop and maintain ML pipelines

Design and implement processes for building, training, and deploying machine learning models.

Integrate ML models into production

Deploy models to servers or cloud environments, set up APIs, and configure monitoring and alerting systems to ensure that the models are running smoothly and accurately.

Automate ML model training and testing

Build automated processes for training and testing ML models on an ongoing basis by setting up scheduled training jobs, building frameworks for testing and evaluating model performance, and implementing continuous integration and delivery processes.

Work with Data Scientists to optimize models

Identify and fix issues by analyzing outputs and training data to identify improvements, implement changes and test results with the broader team.

Monitor and improve performance

Keep track of how well ML model performance in real-world use, and identify and addressing any issues that may arise.

Whether you are looking to make data-driven decisions for your business or simply need help optimizing data analysis processes, there is no better resource than a data expert at Azumo.

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How to Outsource Your Data Engineer and Data Science Work

At Azumo, we have a team of data engineers, analysts, and scientists who can help you manage and make sense of your most complex data sets. With years of experience working with businesses from a variety of industries, we understand the challenges that arise when dealing with large quantities of data.

Whether you need to uncover patterns, trends or correlations in your data, our data analysts and engineers will help you get the information you need to make informed business decisions.