Machine Learning
Discovery Channel
What We Did

Developing a natural language based experience for Alexa and Google Home

Project Overview
Our Role:
Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Voice App
Quizcovery, Alexa Skill and Google Assistant voice app to entertain Discovery Channel fans in LATAM

The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.

Costa Constantinou
Senior Product Manager
  • Discovery needed a larger presence on the Amazon Alexa platform
  • They wanted a Skill that allowed engagement with their brand
  • The experience needed to be cross platform and easily managed
  • Users would need to be able speak to the Skill in everyday language
  • The Skill would need to have a strong AI-service handling Spanish language
  • Azumo built a robust Alexa Skill based on its ACE technology
  • The Skill let users test their Discovery Channel trivia knowledge
  • Discovery can update the Skill regularly without our involvement
  • The Skill can handle natural language queries that go beyond the Alexa platform capabilities
  • ACE platform allowed Discovery to build their solution fast
  • Agile development approach produced an enterprise-ready solution
  • Discovery has a well aligned on-brand Skill for their users

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