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Azumo, a leading software development services company, collaborated with Discovery Channel to leverage the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and create a robust Alexa Skill. This voice app enriched Discovery's presence on the Amazon Alexa platform, allowing users to engage with the brand and test their knowledge through interactive quizzes.

Discovery Channel Latin America was looking to take advantage of one of its many exciting television programs, Quizcovery. They wanted to create an engaging experience for viewers when the show was not available. Azumo created an Alexa Skill and Google Assistant Voice App that allowed users to play games and compete interactively using their voice across a range of complex topics.

The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.

Costa Constantinou
Senior Product Manager

The Challenge

As a sub-segment of AI, Natural Language Processing enables computers to understand and interact with people using human language. Discovery Channel sought to harness the potential of NLP to create an engaging and user-friendly voice app for the Amazon Alexa platform. Their specific challenges included:

  • Language-Specific Use Cases: Discovery required a voice app that could handle language-specific use cases beyond the capabilities of the out-of-the-box Amazon Alexa Language Model.
  • Multi-Lingual Authoring: The voice app needed to be a multi-lingual authoring solution, allowing Discovery to make changes once and impact multiple versions of the skill across Latin America.
  • Engaging User Experience: The Skill needed to provide an engaging and on-brand experience for users, promoting interaction with Discovery's content and trivia knowledge.
  • Strong AI Handling: As Discovery targeted a Spanish-speaking audience, the voice app required strong AI capabilities for handling Spanish language queries effectively.

The Solution

Azumo's expertise in NLP and voice app development delivered a powerful and tailored Alexa Skill for Discovery Channel. The solution brought the following benefits:

  • Azumo built a robust Alexa Skill based on its proprietary ACE technology
  • The Skill let users test their Discovery Channel trivia knowledge
  • Discovery can update the Skill regularly without our involvement
  • The Skill can handle natural language queries that go beyond the Alexa platform capabilities
The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.

Enriched Natural Language Model

Azumo developed a sophisticated Natural Language Model, specifically designed to handle Discovery Channel's content and trivia questions with a high degree of accuracy and understanding.

Custom Alexa Skill with ACE Technology

Azumo utilized its own ACE (Azumo Conversational Engine) technology to create a custom Alexa Skill. This allowed Discovery to have complete control over the voice app's content and updates without external involvement.

Multi-Lingual Authoring Solution

The voice app was designed as a multi-lingual authoring solution, enabling Discovery to make updates and changes once and seamlessly apply them to multiple versions of the skill, catering to diverse audiences across Latin America.

Engaging Trivia Experience

The Alexa Skill, named "Quizcovery," offered users an interactive Discovery Channel trivia experience, engaging them with fun and informative content that aligned with Discovery's brand and theme.

Getting Results

Azumo's agile development approach and expertise in NLP technology delivered remarkable results for Discovery Channel:

  • Highly Rated Skill: Quizcovery became one of the highest-rated and engaging skills across Latin America, attracting a large and active user base.
  • Easily Managed Skill: Discovery can update and manage the Skill's content regularly without Azumo's involvement, giving them complete control over the user experience.
  • Strong AI Handling: The voice app's robust AI capabilities effectively handle Spanish language queries, enhancing user satisfaction and interaction.
  • Fast Solution Delivery: The ACE platform enabled Azumo to build the solution rapidly, providing Discovery with a fast and efficient voice app tailored to their requirements

Through its collaboration with Azumo, Discovery Channel successfully leveraged the power of NLP and ACE technology to create an engaging and interactive Alexa Skill. The Quizcovery voice app enriched Discovery's presence on the Amazon Alexa platform, providing users with an entertaining and educational trivia experience.

With the ability to update and manage the skill effortlessly, Discovery continues to engage with their audience through this well-aligned, on-brand voice app. Azumo's software development expertise continues to drive innovation, transforming the way companies interact with their audiences through cutting-edge AI-powered solutions.