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Discovery Channel Latin America was looking to take advantage of one of its many exciting television programs, Quizcovery. They wanted to create an engaging experience for viewers when the show was not available. Azumo created an Alexa Skill and Google Assistant Voice App that allowed users to play games and compete interactively using their voice across a range of complex topics.
Alexa Skills & Google Assistant voice app
NLP, Voice App development
Quizcovery, Alexa Skill and Google Assistant voice app to entertain Discovery Channel fans in LATAM

The Challenge

Natural language processing is a sub-segment of AI. Natural language processing enables computers to understand, perform an action and interact with people using their language. NLP can be used to send commands like with Amazon Alexa to perform some action, understand text and take actions based on its content and that was exactly what  Azumo did. 

The Solution

“They developed several Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistants Apps, which distribute our content throughout those platforms, using proprietary technologies. The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive”

Azumo developed a powerful voice app using its own NLP technology, bringing the following benefits:

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