Machine Learning
Discovery Channel

Developing a natural language based experience for Alexa and Google Home

Our Role:
Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Voice App
Quizcovery, Alexa Skill and Google Assistant voice app to entertain Discovery Channel fans in LATAM

They developed several Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistants Apps, which distribute our content throughout those platforms, using proprietary technologies. The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.

Costa Constantinou
Senior Product Manager
  • Discovery needed a larger presence on the Amazon Alexa platform
  • They wanted a Skill that allowed engagement with their brand
  • The experience needed to be cross platform and easily managed
  • Users would need to be able speak to the Skill in everyday language
  • The Skill would need to have a strong AI-service handling Spanish language
  • Azumo built a robust Alexa Skill based on its ACE technology
  • The Skill let users test their Discovery Channel trivia knowledge
  • Discovery can update the Skill regularly without our involvement
  • The Skill can handle natural language queries that go beyond the Alexa platform capabilities
  • ACE platform allowed Discovery to build their solution fast
  • Agile development approach produced an enterprise-ready solution
  • Discovery has a well aligned on-brand Skill for their users

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