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Stovell, a prominent player in AI-based forward-looking price prediction systems, sought to enhance their SaaS platform used by global energy companies and financial asset managers.

Azumo, a trusted software development services company, partnered with Stovell to deliver advanced AI technologies and seamless integration, revolutionizing their offerings.

AI Based SaaS Vendor

We’ve been working with Azumo since our founding. Their team has been great to work with. We built out a massive AI based data platform with their help. They can handle just about anything.

Jim Stovell
Founder, CEO

The Challenge

In the fast-paced and volatile energy marketplaces, making accurate and timely pricing decisions is crucial for Stovell's clients. With a deep bench of skilled data scientists and market experts, Stovell needed additional team who could support their software development efforts.

They faced the challenge of building software for predicting customer and competitor responses to changing product prices, as well as generating excess returns in the financial sector through systematic shorting exposure and portfolio optimization.

Additionally, they needed to seamlessly integrate their AI applications with existing teams, processes, and systems.

The Solution

Azumo software engineers have worked with Stovell to engineer an end-to-end SaaS solution powered by AI models, specifically optimized for customer business objectives.

We’ve been working with Azumo since our founding. Their team has been great to work with. We built out a massive AI based data platform with their help. They can handle just about anything.

Proprietary AI Technologies

Azumo's software development team collaborated with Stovell to engineer next-generation proprietary AI technologies. These AI algorithms were designed to extract signals from volatile marketplaces, providing Stovell with a superior predictive edge for high-value marketplace decision-making. The expertise of Azumo's AI specialists played a crucial role in developing and fine-tuning these advanced algorithms.

Integrations with Existing Systems

Azumo ensured seamless integration of Stovell's AI applications with leading teams, processes, and systems. By leveraging their software integration expertise, Azumo delivered a pure SaaS AI solution that required zero IT load for Stovell's clients. This streamlined integration allowed Stovell's customers to effortlessly adopt and leverage the power of AI for their pricing decisions.

Dynamic Prediction Modeling

Working closely with Stovell's domain experts, Azumo developed the Market Vision system to provide dynamic forward-looking pricing predictions. This system empowered Stovell's clients with real-time market insights, enabling them to make informed pricing decisions daily, even in the most volatile market conditions.

Financial Vertical AI Suite

For Stovell's financial sector clients, Azumo designed and implemented the Financial AI suite. This suite offered top-performing hedge fund CIOs and Portfolio Managers a range of AI tools, including systematic shorting exposure for equity hedging, alpha overlays for portfolio optimization, and daily forecasts of changing equity borrow rates.

Getting Results

Stovell's AI-based solutions provide their clients with a significant competitive advantage and remarkable performance improvements:

  • Fuel Pricing: Stovell's Market Vision system precisely predicted competitor pricing moves in each region, enabling their clients to make strategic pricing decisions even in volatile market conditions.
  • Financial Performance: Stovell's Night Vision system not only improved the performance of short positions but also freed their investment teams to focus on areas of strength, leading to enhanced portfolio optimization.
  • Global Asset Management: Stovell's Regime Vision system provided objective third-party inputs and daily insights, boosting confidence in pricing decisions for a $3 trillion global asset manager.

Through its partnership with Azumo, Stovell achieved a significant technological advantage. Azumo team worked with Stovell to help build and maintain their AI-powered platform that has revolutionized pricing predictions and decision-making for Stovell's clients. The success of this collaboration is evident in the testimonials from satisfied clients, showcasing the transformative impact of Azumo's software development expertise on Stovell's AI solutions.

As a trusted software development services company, Azumo continues to drive innovation and deliver value to its clients, solidifying its position as a key partner in the AI and technology landscape.