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Facebook, a global social media giant, faced a significant challenge in managing supplier information at conferences. With an overwhelming number of attendees and promising vendors, they needed an efficient solution to track and connect with suppliers. Azumo, a trusted software development services company, partnered with Facebook to build a robust react-based conversational application that transformed supplier management at conferences.

The Challenge

Prior to collaborating with Azumo, Facebook encountered several challenges in supplier management at conferences:

  • Overwhelming Attendees: Facebook's conferences attracted a large number of attendees, making it challenging to efficiently manage supplier information.
  • Limited Tracking: Beyond business cards, Facebook had no systematic way to track and categorize suppliers, leading to missed opportunities.
  • Lost Potential: Promising vendors often fell through the cracks due to the lack of a streamlined supplier management system.
  • Limited Supplier Search: Facebook teams had limited ability to search for suppliers when new opportunities arose, hindering their ability to connect with potential partners effectively.

The Solution

Azumo worked closely with Facebook to develop a comprehensive solution that addressed their specific supplier management needs at conferences:

  • Azumo built a react-based conversational application.
  • The app allowed suppliers to self-register with Facebook.
  • Suppliers could scan their basic information into the system.
  • They could then chat with the bot to provide additional details.
  • A robust database allowed all suppliers to be categorized and scored.

Robust React-Based Conversational Application

Azumo's skilled development team built a robust react-based conversational application tailored to Facebook's requirements. The application provided a user-friendly interface for suppliers to self-register with Facebook.

Effortless Supplier Information Capture

Suppliers could easily scan their basic information into the system using the application. Moreover, the conversational bot allowed them to provide additional details, streamlining the data collection process.

Categorization and Scoring

Azumo implemented a robust database that efficiently categorized and scored all suppliers. This categorization system enabled Facebook to easily search for and connect with suppliers based on specific criteria.

They know a lot about the products they build on and were very responsive. Their project manager broke down barriers and explained all the intricacies of the custom software development effort in a way that was easy to understand.

Jason Trimiew
Group Head
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Getting Results

Azumo's agile development approach and expertise in software development delivered outstanding results for Facebook's supplier management at conferences:

  • Enterprise-Ready Solution: Within just eight (8) weeks, Azumo developed and delivered an enterprise-ready application, providing Facebook with a powerful and efficient supplier management system.
  • Efficient Supplier Search: Today, Facebook can quickly search for suppliers and connect with potential partners with ease. This streamlined process has significantly improved their ability to find and engage with suppliers.
  • Organized Conference Events: With the new application, conference events are more orderly, and critical supplier data is no longer lost in the process.
  • Opportunity for Suppliers: Suppliers now have a platform to shine inside Facebook, with a systematic approach to showcase their offerings and connect with the company.

Through its partnership with Azumo, Facebook successfully transformed its supplier management at conferences. Azumo's software development expertise, combined with an agile development approach, enabled the rapid delivery of a powerful and user-friendly react-based conversational application.

Today, Facebook benefits from a streamlined supplier management system, efficient supplier search capabilities, and more organized conference events. Azumo continues to empower businesses like Facebook with innovative solutions, reinforcing its position as a trusted software development services company in the tech industry.