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Take full advantage of the powerful confluence of Data, Cloud and AI without breaking your development budget.

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Azumo delivers highly skilled software engineers, data science professionals, and cloud specialists who consistently solve problems, complete tasks and work to power your projects forward.

how we do it

Outsource your native or cross platform mobile app development work for iOS and Android to Azumo

Top-Rated Nearshore Software Development

Our talented, results oriented developers can serve as the engine to power your software development projects forward. We invest in our nearshore software engineers so we make sure they have the skills and experience you need.


Recent Awards

Software Development Company Award

Top Python Developer 2023

Software Development Company Award

Top Unity Developer 2023

Software Development Company Award

Top AI Developer 2023

Software Development Company Award

Top AI Developer 2022

Software Development Company Award

Impact Company of 2022

DotCom Magazine
Software Development Company Award

Hot AI Vendor 2017

Aragon Research

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Photo image of a software development outsourcing project. The image is a man smiling in an office setting after a successful software product demo
It's been a pleasure working with Azumo over the last couple of years. I can't say enough how much we appreciate the hands on approach you take, not only providing terrific development services, but also brainstorming to solve hard problems and improve our procedures and processes. We are a better company with Azumo onboard, and look forward to a strong relationship for years to come.

We Deliver Every Sprint

We are time zone aligned with US based companies. We work the same time zone from Eastern Time, Pacific Time, Central Time and Mountain Time as our customers. So our nearshore software developers can communicate and meet throughout the day with you and your team.

Time Zome Aligned

Our nearshore developers collaborate with you throughout your working day.

We hire talented engineers with skills in technologies that drive modern solutions and help you digitally transform your business. We work with Python, React, Nextjs, Node, C-Sharp, .Net and Java to build solutions for Mobile, Web, Data and AI.

Experienced Engineers

We hire mid-career software development professionals and invest in them.

We are always transparent and tell you what we think will work and what we think will not work. We think it helps differentiate us from our nearshore software development and off-shore Indian based outsourcing competitors

Transparent Communication

Good software is built on top of honest, english-always communication.

We encourage our developers to think like owners. So they look for solutions that are durable and affordable. Our developers focus on efficient software outsourcing.

Build Like Owners

We boost velocity by taking a problem solvers approach to software development.

We focus on agile development but will work to match your needs from Weekly Sprints to Waterfall to Kanban. Our team understands how to build software, complete tasks and get features developed quickly.

Expect Consistent Results

Our internal quality assurance process ensures we push good working code.

Icon representing Azumo's Software Development Talent: A software development engineer sitting at a desk in front of a computer, symbolizing Azumo's ability to deliver high quality software developers who can work autonomously or part of a larger team collaborating in real time as they software together.

Agile Project Management

We follow strict project management principles so we remain aligned to your goals

Selected Success Stories


Azumo has been great to work with. Their team has impressed us with their professionalism and capacity. We have a mature and sophisticated tech stack, and they were able to jump in and rapidly make valuable contributions.


Director of Engineering

We worked with Azumo to help us staff up our custom software platform redevelopment efforts and they delivered everything we needed.


Discovery Channel

The work was highly complicated and required a lot of planning, engineering, and customization. Their development knowledge is impressive.

Discovery Channel

Senior Product Manager

Azumo helped my team with the rapid development of a standalone app at Twitter and were incredibly thorough and detail oriented, resulting in a very solid product.


Senior Program Manager

So much of a successful Cloud development project is the listening. The Azumo team listens. They clearly understood the request and quickly provided solid answers.


Head of Product
Bento for Business

Azumo came in with a dedicated team that quickly grasped our problem and designed and built our data integration solution. They delivered a clearer picture for our business in a timeframe I didn’t think was possible.

Bento for Business

Chief Operating Officer

Development Technologies

We have built a business focused on assembling talented developers who have mastered the frameworks and technologies that power modern solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Should You Know About Azumo?

Let’s skip the Elevator pitch - you know what we do. At our core, we’re a software development company.

Now, what you might be missing?

- We’re not newbies, other companies like yours have worked with us before and referred us.
- We’re a distributed team featuring in-house engineers for smooth collaboration. Choosing Azumo means bridging the gap between offshore cost-effectiveness and onshore alignment. No scheduling headaches, no delays, no language barriers, just seamless partnership.
- We rigorously vet our talent pool, ensuring you benefit from top-tier expertise without breaking the bank. These engineers are trained to solve problems, support each other, and move projects forward. They are trained to be the solution and we take this seriously. 
- Our commitment to clear communication through dedicated project managers, regular meetings, and collaboration tools keeps you informed and involved every step of the way, and allows us to adapt quickly and deliver solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

So, if you’re looking at outsourcing but hesitant to take the leap, consider this: industry leaders like Facebook, Onmicom, Twitter, United Health and Discovery Channel don’t choose us on a whim. We make sense.Visit our Portfolio to see some testimonials and brands:


What types of software development projects does Azumo specialize in?

At Azumo, we're passionate about building intelligent applications. Whether you envision a cutting-edge web app, a sleek mobile solution, or a robust enterprise application, our expertise spans everything from responsive design and custom software to AI-powered tools and cloud platform migrations. 

We thrive on tackling complex challenges and tailoring our solutions to your specific needs, industry, and technology preferences.

To learn more about how our services impact other businesses, check out our top case studies:


Why Outsource Software Development in the first place?

There are many reasons for engaging a nearshore software development company like Azumo. By using a nearshore software development outsourcing services company, you can:

- Free your software development teams from hiring and training,
- Increase your business and operating flexibility, and
- Improve your software development velocity and code quality, which many studies suggest may help you stay ahead of the competition.
- Create savings without compromising on the code quality of the deliverables produced.

By outsourcing to a nearshore software development services company, companies like yours will have the chance to work with experts in your domain.

Additionally, having an outsourced development center may also protect your business from the increasing difficulties of hiring and retaining in-house staff.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, finding a Nearshore Software Development company is the right choice. Check our article “Why Nearshore Software Development” to learn more about the benefits of this outsourcing model and download our Project Outsourcing Handbook for specific guidelines.


What is Azumo's pricing structure for Nearshore Software Development services?

In general we price our services based on time, demand, expertise, and experience.

We are here to accommodate you.  From a single pair of hands to entire teams and expert technical advice, we are flexible enough to support you in any way you need.

To learn more about our outsourcing services, check how Dedicated Teams, Software Staffing and Virtual CTO work.  

We will work with you to find the pricing approach that meets your budget and delivers on the quality we demand of ourselves. We are ultimately are biggest critic and through our own code reviews and team reviews work hard to make sure we are delivering the highest quality possible.


Does Azumo provide any guarantees or quality assurance measures for its Nearshore development services?

Our talent delivery team has a deep understanding of the skills and experience required for different types of software development projects, and can provide you with top talent that meets your needs. We work with you to understand your project goals, timeline, and budget, and then provide you with highly qualified engineers who can help you achieve your goals.

We are committed to delivering high-quality talent that meets your needs, and will work with you throughout the project to ensure that your team has the support and resources it needs to succeed.

At Azumo, we're meticulous about quality. Our rigorous testing methodologies and code reviews work to complement your existing approach. We believe that together we can produce high quality software solutions. We stand behind our work. And, most importantly, our client testimonials and case studies speak volumes about our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering solutions that empower your business.

Check our award-winning section to see how our excellence and customer-driven focus on achievement has been recognized over time.


How does Azumo recruit?

We have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we hire only the best talent for our team. We start by identifying candidates with the right skills and experience, but we also look for individuals who share our values of collaboration, innovation, and dedication to quality.

Our recruitment process includes multiple rounds of interviews, technical assessments, and reference checks to ensure that candidates meet our high standards.

We also provide extensive training and development opportunities to our team members to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in software development.