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Top AI Software Developers of 2024 who will Shape the Future with Generative AI

Looking for the best AI partners? Discover the top AI development companies in 2024 to boost your business with advanced generative AI technology.

Top AI Software Developers of 2024 who will Shape the Future with Generative AI

The worldwide AI market is currently valued at billions of dollars and is forecasted to reach $267 billion by 2027. The reason for this surge in demand is clear: businesses are increasingly recognizing the transformative power of AI solutions. Here are five key benefits driving this demand:

  • AI automates routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic activities.
  • AI helps businesses cut costs by optimizing processes and reducing the need for manual labor.
  • AI provides data-driven insights, enabling more informed and accurate business decisions.
  • AI-powered tools, such as chatbots and personalized recommendations, improve customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • AI opens up new possibilities for innovation, helping businesses stay competitive and relevant.

However, the growing demand for AI solutions brings a new challenge for businesses: choosing the right AI development partner. With hundreds of IT companies worldwide positioning themselves as top AI development firms, it can be difficult to identify the truly exceptional ones.

To assist businesses in this search, we have tasked an independent research company to identify the 7 best AI development companies. This third-party evaluation ensures that the list is unbiased and those companies genuinely excel in AI development.

How was the List of Top AI Development Companies Compiled? 

To identify the best AI development companies, three key evaluation factors were considered:

  • AI Software Development Expertise: This is a crucial factor because it ensures the company has the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective AI solutions. Here, the evaluation focused on the AI services offered, the tech stack used, and the industry experience of the company. These elements were used to determine the company’s capability to handle complex AI projects and deliver high-quality results.
  • AI Software Development Portfolio: A strong portfolio showcases the company’s ability to deliver successful AI solutions. Companies had to have an extensive case study section with detailed descriptions of their successful AI projects. This demonstrates their practical experience and success in implementing AI solutions.
  • What Clients Say: Client feedback provides insights into the company’s reliability and performance from those who have worked with them. The evaluation considered reviews and ratings on platforms like Clutch, focusing on client satisfaction and the overall experience of working with the company.

Additionally, other factors such as the company’s years of experience in AI software development, workforce size, and hourly pricing were considered to provide a comprehensive evaluation. These metrics help verify the company’s stability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in delivering AI solutions.

Top 7 Most Trusted AI Software Development Companies 

This list of top AI development companies was formed based on research conducted by a third-party research company, ensuring an unbiased and thorough evaluation. The companies are listed in random order, reflecting their excellence without any ranking.

1. Azumo

Azumo AI development services

  1. Location: San Francisco, CA
  2. Company Size: 50 - 249
  3. Founded in: 2016
  4. Hourly Pricing: $25 - $49 
  5. Client Rating: 4.9

AI Software Development Expertise

Azumo has been at the forefront of developing Generative AI and ML solutions nearshore since 2016, utilizing large language models and machine learning frameworks. From model selection and data labeling to deployment, Azumo can design and develop custom AI platforms tailored to specific needs.

Their AI development services encompass a wide range of capabilities, such as:

Azumo excels in creating custom enterprise-grade AI and Machine Learning solutions. With expertise in over 500 models, libraries, and frameworks, they build advanced Generative AI solutions. Since their founding, Azumo has successfully deployed numerous machine learning models into production. Their tech stack includes AWS, Anthropic, Databricks, Datastax, Haystack, LLaMA, Python, and more.

What Clients Say About Azumo

  • Clutch Rating: 4.9 stars from 18 reviews

The analysis of all 18 reviews on Clutch shows that clients of Azumo value the significant improvements in AI capabilities, product functionality, and development speed that Azumo's support has brought to their projects. Clients are particularly proud to collaborate with Azumo's skilled and professional developers, noting their positive attitude and effective communication, especially through virtual meetings. This combination of technical expertise and excellent communication has fostered strong, long-term partnerships.

client testimonial for Azumo AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

Azumo has collaborated with top-tier clients such as Meta, Twitter, Zynga, Stovell, and United Healthcare. According to a case study, Meta required an AI-based enterprise search solution to understand domain-specific relationships between suppliers, enabling more accurate and relevant search results.

Azumo built a custom service called AIML for Meta, incorporating Named Entity Recognition (NER) to extract supplier capabilities and products using a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) library. This solution enabled Meta's team to deliver more precise and relevant supplier matches, significantly improving efficiency by reducing the time required to search for suppliers. Additionally, it efficiently handled Meta's ever-expanding supplier database, showcasing Azumo's expertise in developing tailored AI solutions for complex, large-scale needs.

2. SumatoSoft

Sumatosoft AI development services

Sumatosoft AI development services

  1. Location: Boston, MA 
  2. Company Size: 50 - 249
  3. Founded in: 2013
  4. Hourly Pricing: $50 - $99 / hr
  5. Client Rating: 4.8

AI Software Development Expertise

SumatoSoft assists businesses in gathering, processing, and transforming Big Data into valuable insights using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques. Their AI-based solutions include chatbots and dialogue systems, recommendation engines, and custom expert and classification systems tailored to address domain-specific challenges. They also develop solutions for image, speech, and facial recognition and sales intelligence applications.

SumatoSoft offers comprehensive AI software development services, such as:

  • AI Architecture Design
  • Machine Learning Model Engineering
  • Process Automation with AI
  • Generative AI Development
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • AI-powered App Development

With a proven track record of delivering artificial intelligence development services across 11 industries, such as e-commerce, banking and finance, sales and marketing, healthcare, and education. SumatoSoft delivers top-tier, industry-focused custom AI software for both new and established businesses. Their expertise in big data analysis, AI development, and machine learning has already brought significant business value to over 250 companies worldwide.

Their AI software development tech stack includes AutoML, Caffe, CNTK, Core ML, Dialogflow, PyTorch, and TensorFlow.

What Clients Say About SumatoSoft

  • Clutch Rating: 4.8 stars from 16 reviews

Clients of SumatoSoft value the team's detail-oriented approach and their vested interest in understanding business goals. They appreciate SumatoSoft for delivering effective products under budget, providing high-quality developers, and maintaining direct and upfront communication. The team's ability to offer valuable suggestions and their pleasant demeanor are also noted.

client testimonial for Sumatosoft AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

SumatoSoft has developed custom software solutions for top-notch clients like Toyota, Beiersdorf, LP Solutions, and Boxforward. 

In a standout project, one of their clients needed a smarter way to handle clinical trial recruitment. SumatoSoft stepped up, creating an AI-powered platform that connects with the database. This platform uses advanced AI algorithms to match patients with clinical trials that perfectly fit their health conditions and preferences. The result? A massive reduction in clinicians' workload and a much faster eligibility determination process. This project is a testament to SumatoSoft’s ability to develop practical, high-impact AI solutions for the healthcare industry.

3. ValueCoders

ValueCoders AI development services
  1. Location: Gurugram, India 
  2. Company Size: 250 - 999
  3. Founded in: 2004
  4. Hourly Pricing:  < $25 / hr
  5. Client Rating: 5.0

AI Software Development Expertise

As one of the best AI software development companies, ValueCoders empowers startups, agencies, and enterprises to achieve extraordinary growth and success. The company boasts India's top 1% software talent. They manage the entire process from idea to deployment. With a global presence and time-zone-friendly operations, they guarantee on-time delivery with no surprises, backed by top-tier data security protocols.

Their Artificial Intelligence services include:

  • AI Development
  • AI Consulting
  • AI-Powered Mobile App Development
  • ML & Advanced Analytics
  • Generative AI
  • ChatGPT Solutions

ValueCoders uses AI to develop solutions that automate tasks, extract valuable data insights, and enhance decision-making. Their offerings include robotic process automation, intelligent chatbots, image processing, data aggregation, processing and analysis, and the creation of smart machines using AI, IoT, and big data.

What Clients Say About ValueCoders

  • Clutch Rating: 5.0 stars from 7 reviews

Analysing client testimonials on Clutch shows that clients love ValueCoders for their AI software development services. They appreciate the team's professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness throughout each project. Clients also highlight the flexibility and timely delivery that ValueCoders consistently provides. The team’s deep understanding of client requirements ensures that they deliver high-quality solutions. Overall, clients are highly satisfied with the successful outcomes and ValueCoders' AI software development services.

client testimonial for ValueCoders AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

ValueCoders has a rich case studies section where they showcase their extensive expertise in software development. For instance, they created an AI platform for one of the largest virtual office management experts. This platform manages nationwide emergency operations by connecting, unifying, and coordinating employees, ambulances, citizens, and hospitals.

ValueCoders has also developed software for top companies such as Grundfos, Yale University, and Qatar Airways. Such a diverse client base demonstrates their ability to deliver high-quality and impactful solutions across various industries.

4. ThirdEye Data

ThirdEye Data AI development services
  1. Location: San Jose, CA,
  2. Company Size: 50 - 249
  3. Founded in: 2010
  4. Hourly Pricing: $25 - $49 / hr
  5. Client Rating: 4.6 

AI Software Development Expertise

ThirdEye Data stands out as a leading provider of AI, ML, and Big Data Solutions. They help enterprises enhance operational efficiencies and improve production accuracies by using the latest Data & AI technologies. ThirdEye Data offers three key solutions:

  •  Data Science & AI Solutions
  • Data Engineering Services
  • and Generative AI Development

They cater to various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, NGOs, retail, energy, oil and gas, and adtech. To develop advanced AI software, ThirdEye Data employs cutting-edge technologies like Azure ML, Amazon AWS, Python, Kafka, MongoDB, Azure Cognitive Search, and more. By using these technologies, ThirdEye Data delivers custom solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients.

What Clients Say About ThirdEye Data

  • Clutch Rating: 4.6 stars from 22 reviews

ThirdEye Data excels in project management and communication, consistently meeting client expectations. Clients praise the team's ability to deliver well-performing systems, as well as their professionalism and enthusiasm. Overall, ThirdEye Data's top-notch AI development skills and efficient workflow make them a trusted partner.

client testimonial for ThirdEye Data AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

ThirdEye Data boasts an impressive client base, having developed AI software solutions for renowned companies such as Xperia, Walmart, Microsoft, and Southern California Edison. 

In a recent case study, ThirdEye Data successfully developed and launched an AI-powered travel planning platform as an MVP. By using generative AI technologies, this platform streamlines the travel planning process while adhering to budget constraints and personal preferences. 

The solution helps users save 43% of the time compared to traditional travel planning methods, and its automated features reduce booking time by 39%.

5. Unicsoft

Unicsoft AI development services
  1. Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. Company Size: 50 - 249
  3. Founded in: 2005
  4. Hourly Pricing: $50 - $99 / hr
  5. Client Rating: 4.9

AI Software Development Expertise

Unicsoft is an award-winning AI software development company that creates next-gen AI solutions for a wide range of industries. Their solutions include consumer sentiment analysis using NLP, mobile engagement platforms leveraging machine learning and data-in-motion techniques, computer vision for customer behavior tracking, and image recognition solutions for shelf monitoring.

The AI software development process at Unicsoft involves eight steps including data collection and analysis, feature modeling, model performance evaluation, and optimization. They utilize deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow, and employ neural networks like Deep NN and Bayesian NN, to develop advanced AI solutions.

What Clients Say About Unicsoft

  • Clutch Rating: 4.9 stars from 34 reviews

Unicsoft consistently meets deadlines, incorporates client feedback, and aligns with their vision. The team's outstanding project management and innovative thinking are highly valued. Clients also highlight the expertise and contributions of Unicsoft's developers, their personal approach to projects, and their seamless workflows. Unicsoft's diligence, good listening skills, and quick responses ensure the immediate needs of projects are met effectively.

client testimonial for Unicsoft AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

Unicsoft boasts an impressive portfolio, showcasing a wide range of successful AI projects across various industries. For example, they developed an AI-powered contract drafting software for an international law firm. Using generative AI, they enriched the solution with features like automated contract generation and compliance tracking. As a result, their client can now draft contracts 50% faster than with the manual process, minimize errors, and manage risks related to legal compliance.

6. Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights AI development services
  1. Location: London, United Kingdom
  2. Company Size: 10 - 49
  3. Founded in: 2014
  4. Hourly Pricing: $100 - $149 / hr
  5. Client Rating: 4.9

AI Software Development Expertise

Deep Insights is a leading artificial intelligence software development company in the market. Since 2018, Deep Insights has been helping organizations understand the value of AI, and together they design, build, and implement innovative AI solutions that tackle some of the toughest human problems across healthcare, real estate, financial services, retail, and recruitment.

Their AI development services include:

  • Generative AI
  • AI Consulting
  • Data Science Consulting
  • Machine Learning Engineering
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing

By using their expertise, Deep Insights provides cutting-edge solutions that drive significant transformation for their clients across various industries.

What Clients Say About Deeper Insights

  • Clutch Rating: 4.9 stars from 10 reviews

Clients of Deep Insights appreciate the team's ability to deliver functional and useful tools. The team is praised for their detailed analysis, professional approach, and keen attention to detail, which ensure projects are completed successfully, on time, and within budget. The team's structured and organized workflow leads to smooth processes and timely delivery of cutting-edge AI-powered tools that are anticipated to be well-received in the industry.

client testimonial for Deeper Insights AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

Deep Insights has successfully delivered innovative AI solutions across diverse industries. For instance, they developed an AI solution to speed up navigation in robotic surgeries. By creating custom Computer Vision algorithms with deep learning, they enabled markerless navigation, allowing precise identification of where to cut bone for knee replacements. This technology achieves faster-than-real-time image segmentation with over 90% accuracy, significantly enhancing the efficiency and precision of robotic surgeries.

6. Deeper Insights

Tooploox AI development services
  1. Location: Wrocław, Poland
  2. Company Size: 50 - 249
  3. Founded in: 2019
  4. Hourly Pricing: $50 - $99 / hr
  5. Client Rating: 4.8

AI Software Development Expertise

Tooploox is a leading AI development company that creates solutions designed to boost sales, reduce costs, automate workflows, and increase profitability. Their AI services include:

  • Computer Vision
  • 3D Vision
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

Tooploox's product development process is thorough and structured, consisting of four key stages: industry research, prototyping and proof of concept, feasibility study, and MVP development. This comprehensive approach ensures the delivery of innovative and effective AI solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

What Clients Say About Tooploox

  • Clutch Rating: 4.8 stars from 33 reviews

Clients of Tooploox value Tooploox's ability to achieve their goals and handle difficult challenges during the research and development stages. They praise the team for delivering great work on time and as required. Effective communication, along with flexible and receptive resources, makes the engagement smooth and efficient. Overall, Tooploox's ability to meet client expectations and adapt to challenges makes them a trusted partner in AI development.

client testimonial for Tooploox AI development services

AI Software Development Portfolio

Tooploox boasts an impressive portfolio, having worked with renowned clients such as Block, 59 Breaths, Photoaid,, and Nightly. For example, they developed an AI headshot generator built with generative AI for a client whose online service transforms home-taken photographs into the format required for official documents. With the data produced by this AI headshot generator, the client can now build and implement algorithms that convert images with various lighting conditions into document-ready photos.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an AI software development company?

An AI software development company specializes in creating and implementing artificial intelligence solutions. These companies provide services such as developing custom AI applications, machine learning models, natural language processing tools, computer vision systems, and predictive analytics. They help businesses leverage AI technology to improve efficiency, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights from data.


What services do AI software development companies offer?

AI software development companies offer a variety of services, including AI consulting and strategy, custom AI software development, machine learning model creation, natural language processing (NLP) solutions, computer vision applications, predictive analytics, and AI-powered mobile and web app development.


What industries need AI software?

Industries that need AI software include healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing, real estate, marketing, and logistics. AI helps these sectors improve efficiency, enhance decision-making, and innovate their services and products.


How do I choose the right AI software development company for my business?

To choose the right AI software development company for your business, consider their expertise in specific AI services, such as machine learning and NLP, and review their portfolio and case studies to see past success. Check client feedback on platforms like Clutch for reliability and satisfaction. Ensure they have relevant industry experience and understand your business needs.


What are the common challenges in AI software development?

Common challenges in AI software development include data quality and availability, as AI models require large, accurate datasets to function effectively. Other challenges include selecting the right algorithms, ensuring model interpretability and transparency, managing computational resources, and integrating AI solutions with existing systems. Additionally, keeping up with rapid advancements in AI technology and maintaining ongoing support and updates for AI models can be difficult.