What We Did

Web Application Developer for a venture backed health insurance market provider

Project Overview
Health Insurance
Our Role:
Nearshore web application development services for React, Python and Node that helps the company deliver innovative solutions to the health insurance market
Supporting Angle Health's development effort

I’ve worked with Azumo for several years across different projects. Everything they do has been done well.

BJ Scott
Head of Product & Design
  • AngleHealth was looking for reliable partner to help them build a unified platform to meet the diverse needs of the various members and employees involved in the day-to-day operations of the American health insurance marketplace.
  • They required a front end team with it’s own project manager to work directly with the product owner in building the applications in record time.
  • Azumo provided a team of talented and experienced developers to work alongside the client's in-house engineering team.
  • Azumo implemented a scrum process that involved not only the front end developers, but also those responsible for the designs of the websites working together in unison.
  • The Azumo team assisted in the development of the state of the art websites needed by AngleHealth using React.

  • With Azumo, AngleHealth was able to launch the platform as per the planned schedule.
  • Thanks to the websites built with Azumo, AngleHealth was able to enroll it’s first clients and effectively offer their services.
  • Client now has the flexibility to scale up or down their engineering team with Azumo based on the product development backlog, resulting in significant cost savings in terms of hiring.

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