Project Overview
Mobile Gaming
Our Role:
Data Engineering and Data Analysis
Big Run Studios partnered with Azumo to build a robust data infrastructure and analytics

They are all great to work with and excellent at their jobs.

Ben J
Chief Technology Officer
  • Big Run Studios requested the list of metrics they wanted to analyze, but asked us to define an integral process
  • The data originators, a set of games, produce heterogeneous data
  • Data is ingested from more than one platform (Firebase, Skills, Adjust, Snowflake) and retrieved from different sources
  • We were asked to identify user flow and steps in order to generate valuable insights and reports on how players interact with the game

  • Azumo designed and built the solution for data integration
  • We created all data pipelines and procedures to be used to build the tables
  • We developed several custom dashboards that retrieve high quality data
  • Azumo created an automated report that is sent to Big Run on a weekly basis, so that they can quickly identify any spikes in usage

  • Big Run Studios has used the information displayed on their dashboards to make smarter decisions when it comes to improving functionality of their games
  • Data is centralized: Sisense serves as the one source of information for the client
  • Sisense stores all player’s actions, and also gets updated in real time, showing information from multiple games

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