Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Starts with Changing Beliefs

To build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive business requires that owners, board members, and managers think deeply about their privileged roles and work to understand and eliminate the impact of legacy, class, status, and incumbency.


Azumo believes strongly in the principle that talent is born everywhere but opportunity is not.  From that belief and the lived experience of its Founder, Azumo strives to create and maintain a work environment in which people are treated with dignity, decency, and respect. 

The environment of the company should be characterized by mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, oppression and exploitation. Azumo will not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. Through enforcement of this policy and by education of employees, Azumo will seek to prevent, correct and discipline behavior that violates this policy.

All employees, contractors, consultants, partners, and customers, regardless of their positions, are covered by and are expected to comply with this policy and to take appropriate measures to ensure that are colleagues, partners, customers, stakeholders and community as a whole feel welcomed.

Oftentimes in the pursuit of business objectives companies lose sight of the moral and ethical standards necessary to promote an inclusive and equitable working environment.  With that in mind, Azumo will take measures to resolve any complaints made by or against any customer, partner or Azumo stakeholder up to and including termination of the relationship. Again our goal is to foster an open, welcoming and accepting environment where everyone is given an opportunity to thrive and take full advantage of their individual gifts.

Our Code of Ethics

RESPECT FOR OTHERS. We expect everyone with our organization to respect everyone else both within and outside our business. Be kind, polite and understanding. As a general rule, we practice the Golden Rule.

We understand that many times there is a very obvious and consequential power imbalance in the nature of the services we provide to our customers. We have seen the impact of this imbalance on our employees and the worry it creates for them. Azumo will do everything within our control to bring balance and equity into our professional relationships and support our employees, contractors, partners and consultants to achieve their goals. We ask our customers and partners to do the same in their interactions with our team.

INTEGRITY AND HONESTY. We always keep in mind our organization’s mission. We all work together to achieve specific outcomes. Our behavior should contribute to our goals as an organization. We pledge to be honest and transparent. After all, without our customers' trust we could not have a business. We rely upon everyone within Azumo to do their best to deliver direct, thoughtful communication to our customers. In return we expect our customers to treat us with courtesy, honesty and respect.

JUSTICE. Give everyone equal opportunity and speak up when someone else doesn’t. We ask our team to be objective when making decisions that can impact other people. At Azumo, we recognize that no one is perfect, decisions can be messy. We are all fallible humans. But when exercising authority, we are fair. We ask our team to not show favoritism and to be transparent when we decide to praise, reward or reprimand.

Be just toward customers and vendors, too. We tell our team that if you think our company was in the wrong, say something. We will appreciate it and we know our customers will too.

GROWTH. We expect everyone at Azumo will take up opportunities for learning and development, either on-the-job or educational training. We beg our teammates to take controlled risks, make mistakes. But mistakes and failure give us an opportunity to learn and grow. Azumo will support our team's effort to grow. We fund education, certifications and training. Growth also means acceptance of our differences. At Azumo, we are a global business that employs people with varying beliefs, cultural norms, and practices.

Our goal is to have everyone inside the organization come to appreciate each others' gifts and work together to create amazing solutions for our customers.

Our Spend and Our Time

At Azumo, we appreciate the benefits of investment and opportunity. As a growing business we know what it means to be given a chance to excel even when you are not the biggest or the oldest or the incumbent. So we make it a policy of our own to identify and work with service providers and vendors who share our beliefs in diversity and inclusion. We will continue to invest in the community as a certified Minority Business Entity through the National Minority Supplier Development Council and our local chapter the Western Regional Minority Supplier Development Council. We will continue to contribute charitably to these organizations through our software development time and more.

Creating a just, equitable, inclusive, and diverse business takes more than putting people of color, women, or members of the LGBTQ on a page or even putting out a glossy section in the Annual Report. It takes time, effort and commitment. We hope you share our commitment to these goals or can -at the very least -be open to working with us to understand why these values mean so much to us.