Streamlining Medicaid Claims for School Districts

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CompuClaim, a middle market technology company specializing in Medicaid workflow solutions, sought to enhance its SaaS-based software solution. This case study delves into CompuClaim's collaboration with Azumo, a trusted software development services provider, to supplement their internal development staff, resolve a significant backlog of tickets, and successfully deliver critical client implementations.

Their ability to fit so well within the team and our company culture is impressive.

Michelle Pope

The Challenge

CompuClaim faced several formidable challenges in its mission to optimize its internal software solution:

  • Ticket Backlog: Over the course of three years, CompuClaim had accumulated a substantial backlog of unresolved tickets, impairing the efficiency of their software solution and impacting customer satisfaction.
  • Client Implementations: CompuClaim was under pressure to complete two major client implementations within tight timelines. Meeting these deadlines was crucial to maintain client trust and secure future business.
  • SaaS Development Expertise: The development of their SaaS-based software solution necessitated specialized skills and expertise to ensure functionality, performance, and scalability.

The Solution

CompuClaim engaged Azumo to address these multifaceted challenges, and the solution encompassed a holistic approach to software development and project management:

Referred Partner

Azumo was chosen as the preferred partner based on a referral from an employee who had previously enjoyed successful collaborations with Azumo. This referral instilled confidence in Azumo's capabilities and their alignment with CompuClaim's needs.

Start with Project Management

Azumo assigned a dedicated project manager who seamlessly integrated with CompuClaim's internal project manager. This collaborative approach ensured the efficient coordination of work, assignment of deliverables, and strict adherence to project timelines.

Augment the Existing Team

Under the guidance of Azumo's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a specialized development team was assembled to cater to CompuClaim's specific requirements. This team was entrusted with handling development and resolving break-fix issues.

Seamless Integration

Azumo's development team actively participated in daily stand-up meetings and integrated with CompuClaim's systems. They functioned as if they were full-time employees of CompuClaim, guaranteeing a frictionless workflow and efficient communication.

Getting Results

The partnership between CompuClaim and Azumo has yielded significant results:

  • Backlog Resolution: With Azumo's support, CompuClaim successfully cleared the three-year backlog of tickets. This achievement enhanced the operational efficiency of their software solution and bolstered customer satisfaction.
  • Client Implementations: Azumo played a pivotal role in delivering two major client implementations within the specified timelines. This accomplishment solidified CompuClaim's reputation for reliability and customer-centricity.
  • Seamless Workflow: The workflow between CompuClaim and Azumo was exceptionally smooth. Azumo's project manager ensured that team members were seamlessly integrated into CompuClaim's processes, resulting in the timely completion of deliverables.
  • Cultural Integration: Azumo's ability to seamlessly merge with CompuClaim's team and company culture was a significant asset, fostering a collaborative and cohesive working environment.

The partnership between CompuClaim and Azumo exemplifies the power of collaboration in overcoming complex software development challenges. Azumo's rapid integration into CompuClaim's team, successful resolution of a backlog of tickets, and timely delivery of critical client implementations highlight their expertise and dedication to client success. As CompuClaim continues to excel in the competitive Medicaid workflow solutions space, Azumo remains a trusted partner, providing vital support for their software development endeavors.