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Modern Healthcare
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Nearshore Software Development Partner
High quality solution and continuous software development effort.

  • At AskTia, they had an ambitious goal: to vaccinate their members and families against the COVID-19 virus. However, there were many challenges that needed to be addressed before they could reach this goal.
  • To begin with, they needed a way to efficiently manage the logistics of setting up and running clinics — whether they be existing clinics or mobile clinics. And they needed to make sure that the vaccine would be distributed safely and securely.
  • In addition, they had to figure out how to provide education about the vaccine and dispel myths around it, so that people could make informed decisions about their health care.
  • That's when AskTia turned to Azumo for help. We created a virtual care platform that allowed AskTia to manage the logistics of setting up and running clinics, as well as providing education about the vaccine and dispelling myths.
  • Azumo worked closely with Tia to develop a comprehensive solution that enables patients to bring their friends, family members and partners with them when receiving vaccinations. Called VAX the World, the platform supports and booking for those who are not Tia members, making it easy for everyone to access the care they need.
  • To create this innovative platform, Azumo and Tia assembled a team of experienced project managers, frontend and backend engineers, and quality assurance resources. To ensure the best possible user experience for all visitors to VAX the World, they used both modern reactive and responsive frameworks on the frontend and microservices architecture on the backend.
  • The result was a streamlined, secure and efficient platform that allows everyone to benefit from Tia’s vaccination efforts. VAX the World helps protect those who need it most while providing an easy way for anyone to get vaccinated, no matter their registration status. Azumo was proud to be part of this important mission and help make healthcare more accessible for all.
  • Azumo was able to build a robust platform in 12 weeks to support Tia’s noble drive to vaccinate population.
  • The platform enabled Tia to vaccinate thousands of people, including both Tia’s community members and their family members.
  • Following the launch of this platform, Tia found a reliable development partner in Azumo and retained us to work on other engineering projects including API integrations and Single Sign-On.
  • Compliant, well documented, high performance application, that saved the customer approximately 40% in development costs.

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