The Development Team

The Agile Engine: Unpacking the Role of the Development Team

In the world of Scrum, the Development Team is the engine that drives the project towards its goal. These are the individuals who do the work of delivering increments of potentially shippable products at the end of each sprint. Their role is vital in bringing the Product Owner's vision to life.

The Power of Self-Organization

One unique aspect of Scrum Development Teams is the principle of self-organization. Teams are empowered to organize and manage their own work. This autonomy often leads to increased efficiency, creativity, and job satisfaction.

The Craft of Delivering Value: Building Potentially Shippable Product Increments

At the heart of the Development Team's role is the creation of potentially shippable product increments. They transform the Product Owner's prioritized user stories into tangible outputs, delivering value to end-users and stakeholders.

Embracing Collective Responsibility

In Scrum, the Development Team works as a unit. They embrace collective responsibility, where the success or failure of a sprint is shared among all team members. This fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability.

Cross-Functionality: The Power of Diverse Skills

Another hallmark of a Scrum Development Team is cross-functionality. The team possesses all the skills necessary to deliver a product increment, promoting a seamless flow of work and minimizing dependencies.


The Development Team is more than just the workers in a Scrum process. They are a group of skilled, self-organizing individuals who collaborate to deliver value through potentially shippable product increments.

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