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Outsource your native or cross platform mobile app development work for iOS and Android to Azumo

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We Are Expert Nearshore Developers for Your Mobile App Projects

Outsourcing your mobile app development will get you a range of benefits that will supercharge your development process. Not only will you be able to build a fully functional application sooner, but you’ll also be able to plan advanced features and business logic without having to worry whether your team can do it.

Android Applications

Our mobile app development team is confident working within Android’s Google Play open environment and delivering end-users (our customers and yours) a superior experience. From the beginning stages of project planning to the creation of individual features, our team is ready to develop an Android application for your business.

Responsive, beautiful, and easy to use.
Reliable, robust, and efficient.
Affordable and fast developments
Android developer
mobile app iOS developer

iOS Applications

We build engaging iOS apps that make your business stand out from the crowd—always keeping in mind the latest trends, App Store demands, and your goals. With a detailed planning process, we’ll be able to outline exactly what you want to see in an application. Our nearshore mobile app development team will then bring your dream to life.

Your budget remains our top priority.
We build to the iOS UI and App Store standard
Seasoned iOS developers.

Cross-platform Applications

We build apps that offer a close-to-native experience. Using cross-platform tools like React Native and Flutter, we cover both iOS and Android development that get the most out of your budget.

Performance remains our top priority.
Build near-native experience apps
We have a huge talent-pool of cross platform developers from which to choose the ideal ones that match your business needs and have expertise in your industry.
Cross platform mobile developer
With an expert team of software engineers, Azumo is your go-to answer for nearshore mobile app development across iOS and Android platforms.

When is outsourcing mobile app development the right choice for your business?

If you’re feeling time pressure, or identify with one of the key signs listed above, then it might be time to think about outsourcing your mobile app development. With flexible plans and a team who will customize their program to meet your budget, Azumo has a nearshore mobile app development solution for you.
1. Suffering From Time Pressure
Our team of software development experts have experience in native and cross-platform app development. If you need your app sooner rather than later, we can boost the development speed and offer custom software development solutions. 
2. Stagnating Growth
If you’re actively working on a mobile app development project, your team has less time to focus on business development. By employing nearshore mobile app development, you’ll be able to liberate your schedule, leaving the development to us while you work on scaling your business. 
3. Needing Specialized Expertise
Across the many stages of mobile application development, you’re likely to run into a new problem that your team hasn’t seen before. With years of experience, we’ll be able to deliver effective solutions, no matter what services you require.
4. Lacking Experts
No matter how good your in-house software development team is, they won’t know everything. Perhaps they know a range of programming languages but don’t know Flutter; maybe they just don’t understand how to create a certain function or manage performance. At Azumo, we have experts in every single field of software development, which ensures that we can deliver on our cross-platform app development and native development regardless of language.

Benefits of nearshore mobile app development outsourcing with Azumo

Outsourcing your mobile app development will grant you a range of benefits that supercharge the development process. Not only will you be receiving a fully functional application in a fraction of the time, but you’ll also be able to plan advanced features like augmented reality without having to worry about if your team can create a certain aspect.

Extensive Expertise

No matter which custom software development language you need, Azumo has a software developer who can help you. From adding new features to building broad base mobile apps we have the ability to create your app across native languages or leverage cross platforms tools to launch your service more quickly across Apple iOS, Android and more. 


If you want your app launched into the Apple App Store or Google Play store as soon as possible, then you can opt to increase the size of your outsourced mobile application development team with Azumo. We allow you to scale your team with ease, you can add more workers to your project, shortening your delivery date, and ensuring that all the features you need are included. 


As your remote nearshore development team, we enable you to concentrate your resources on core needs within the business. Your in-house team can work on software development that matches their skills and you can better manage your overall technology spend.

Skip the Hiring

Hiring a software developer can take weeks of resume sifting, interviews, and performance tests. Even after all of that search in this competitive market, the person you end up with might not turn out to be what you thought. By navigating to nearshore mobile app development, you’ll be able to skip the hiring process and get exactly what you need quickly. 

Agile Approach

Instead of waiting around for your application to be ready. We believe in budget conscience agile approach to development, so you can launch a secure product ready to meet the demands of your business. What’s more, as we can build cross-platform applications using React Native or Flutter so you'll be ready to launch in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with ease. 

No matter where you are in your nearshore mobile app development lifecycle, we’ll be ready to step in and take over the development process. From individual features to whole app development and design, we have experience in doing it all - flawlessly.


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