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Whether you need to hire a virtual CTO, a dedicated team or a solo developer, we’ll provide talented, diverse and seasoned engineers that will integrate, communicate & perform at their best.
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Virtual CTO

Get a highly experienced technology expert working with you to ease and support IT initiatives, outline tech strategies and pursue your business goals by leveraging your current technology infrastructure, tools and teams.
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"Our team loves working with Azumo. They work very fast and have an appetite for challenging tasks”
Managed Software Development team

Managed Team

We’ll build a flexible, diverse team of talented engineers with no need of internal recruitment. They will work exclusively for you, tackling your projects, solving your challenges and developing high-quality solutions.
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"Within hours of adding an Azumo member to our team, he was up and running and contributing to our project. He was professional and quickly made progress. The final deliverable was on-time and easily integrated into our codebase.”

Augmented Team

Azumo’s engineers become members of your team. They will blend smoothly into your business dynamics and rapidly aligned to your processes & methodologies.
Customer testimonial
Azumo implemented a Scrum process, re-architected the core components of the solution and served a Chief Architect for the customer’s solution during early sales call – interfacing with prospective customers on as needed basis.”

We’re in this together, let’s do it!

Hire talented, diverse and seasoned engineers that will integrate, communicate & perform at their best. Learn why over 75% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers.
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