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ScreenScape (now Spectrio) is one of the nation’s leading customer engagement technology providers. Known for cultivating unique brand experiences powered by professionally-produced content and marketing technology, Spectrio’s solutions create a holistic customer journey with Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, On-Hold Marketing, On-Premise Messaging and Music, Wi-Fi Marketing, and Scent Marketing. Spectrio serves more than 100,000 client locations, ranging from local businesses to global brands.
E-commerce and Digital Signage
Web Application Development, API Development
Nodejs, Express, React, Redux, Material UI, Auth0
Rapid deployment of a set of app features delivered in less than 6 weeks, saving the customer 70% in annualized development cost

The Challenge

ScreenScape is a growing and thriving business focused on reimagining the digital signage market.  Their growth meant that they needed a better way to understand and manage their customers. The company needed to create a backoffice dashboard but could not devote internal resources to the project.  

They hired Azumo to staff the project to build a React based application using the Redux framework and Material UI. The tools they wanted needed to also allow for editing customers’ digital media playlist and provide enhanced security for authentication and user account management.

The Solution

We decided to blend one of our Senior Developers into the customer’s process and development cadence. Who was required to deploy in a short time window, a playlist editing and a dashboard with drill-down capabilities based on user stories provided by ScreenScape.

The dashboard gave marketing, sales and operations a very practical and quick way to visualize and understand usage patterns for each of Screenscape’s customers. The playlist editor allowed for better visualization of customer media as well as to support diverse media form factors. These variants, such as alternative versions for different screen sizes and ratios, allowed Screenscape to support a wider range of hardware in the market expanding their TAM (total addressable market) opportunity.

In addition, Azumo delivered these must have set of application features in less than 6 weeks, saving the customer approximately 70% in annualized development cost

Details for tech geeks

Azumo’s developer implemented a REST only backend using Node.js and Express and a frontend using React and Redux with Material-UI. We implemented Auth0 as the authentication platform to increase extensibility, allowing the customer to quickly add new methods for external SSO login. 

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