Blockchain Software Development

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Chai Vault is the first anti-fraud solution for wines and spirits that allows potential buyers to know a bottle is authentic and view provable provenance, before purchase, without physical proximity to the bottle. Consumers can now focus on buying bottles that are authentic rather than trying to avoid those that are not.

The Challenge

High dollar value wine and spirits has for years been prone to fraud.  There were only a few tools available to buyers, dealers and connoisseurs to know with confidence what they are getting. These solutions lack complete protection of the bottle and barcode stickers provide no data on the bottle’s journey to its next owner.  This needed to change. So we were asked to develop “Chai Vault”, a hardware and software technology implementation of The Chai Method®, which is a wine authentication and provenance process that is secure, trustworthy, and operationally timeless and we were the fortunate developers of this solution.

The Solution

We built a seasoned team consisting of an architect, several developers, systems analyst and a designer. 

We had to put together different technologies to store, track and verify more than 90 data points found in bottle issued certificates. We also put in place the capitalization method for the app. 

Chai Vault is now the first complete platform in the marketplace that can wholly secures and describes each individual bottle from the vineyard to the consumer’s glass. The sum of the developed solution allows producers, authenticators, auctioneers and consumers to have confidence in the bottle’s provenance and authenticity. 

In fact, because of the design of the solution neither the bottle nor records associated with it can be tampered. The system can be converted to run a fully public, decentralized blockchain in the future should the business model pivot.  Today, the solution protects a massive several billion dollar market from counterfeit products. 

Getting Results

We designed the solution using C# and .NET Core as the underpinning for the business logic,  allowing the system to store and keep track of the authentication and provenance information for each individual bottle. Each bottle is physically tracked via RFID chip and tamper resistant seal, a design Azumo collaborated actively with Chai to develop. To create a secure record, Azumo architected and developed a Blockchain backed ledger solution (using Ethereum Clique) to store more than 90 data points for every bottle issued a certificate on the system. To orchestrate the myriad number of containers that comprise the fully scalable solution, Azumo leveraged Kubernetes to build an AWS hosted cluster atop of the whole solution.