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Automate Production, Streamline Inventory Management, Gain Operational Efficiency with Azumo's Nearshore Software Developers.

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Our Team Can Start Anywhere in the Manufacturing Development Process

At Azumo, we use best-in-class methodologies that streamlines the process from ideation to launch. Our agile approach, nearshore talent, and expert teams ensure clear communication, reduced risks, and a final product that perfectly aligns with your vision.

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Requirement Definition

We dive deep to understand your vision, goals, and users. This collaborative stage shapes the foundation of your project, ensuring perfect alignment with your needs.


UX/UI & Technical Design

Our design maestros craft a captivating user experience (UX) and visually stunning interface (UI), while our technical architects lay the groundwork for a powerful and secure solution.



Azumo’s skilled developers bring your vision to life, meticulously crafting a high-performance application using the latest technologies and best practices.


Test and QA

We leave no stone unturned. Rigorous testing by our QA experts ensures your application is bug-free, secure, and delivers a flawless user experience across all devices.



Seamlessly launch your application to the world. We handle everything from server configuration to performance optimization, ensuring a smooth and successful debut.


Support and Project Management

Your success is our mission. We provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates, while our dedicated project managers keep you informed throughout the entire journey.

Our Manufacturing Software Development Services and Expertise Address Your Business Needs

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software

Supply chain management (SCM) software optimizes supply chain operations, including sourcing, procurement, inventory management, and logistics, to minimize costs, reduce lead times, and enhance visibility and collaboration across the supply chain.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Systems

Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems manage the entire lifecycle of a product, from ideation and design to manufacturing and service, enabling collaboration, version control, and data management across departments and stakeholders.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software

Computer-aided design (CAD) software enables engineers and designers to create and visualize product designs in 2D and 3D formats, facilitating product development, prototyping, and simulation for improved design accuracy and efficiency.

Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin technology creates virtual replicas of physical assets, processes, and systems, enabling simulation, analysis, and optimization of performance, maintenance, and operational efficiency, enhancing innovation and decision-making in manufacturing.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems integrate core business processes, including finance, HR, and operations, into a centralized database and platform, enabling data-driven decision-making, resource optimization, and business process automation.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Platforms

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms connect machines, sensors, and devices in the manufacturing environment, enabling data collection, analysis, and optimization of operations for increased productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) track and control manufacturing processes in real-time, including scheduling, production monitoring, quality management, and resource allocation, optimizing efficiency and visibility on the shop floor.

Predictive Maintenance Systems

Predictive maintenance systems use IoT sensors, data analytics, and machine learning algorithms to predict equipment failures and maintenance needs, reducing downtime, extending asset lifespan, and optimizing maintenance schedules and costs.

Our Nearshore Software Development Engagement Models for Manufacturing

The best software solutions enhance and enable business. That is why we focus on developing cost-effective nearshore software solutions and apply a delivery model that will achieve your goals and timeline.

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Photo of an Azumo customer extolling the benefits of outsourced software development services from Azumo
They know a lot about the products they build on and were very responsive. Their project manager broke down barriers and explained all the intricacies of the custom software development effort in a way that was easy to understand.

A Selected Case Study in Manufacturing

Sparks & Honey

Divining Cultural Trends with AI

Phase 1: Discovery and Legacy Support. Phase 2: Architectural Redesign and Application Rebuild. Phase 3: Leveraging Generative AI for Public Briefings. Phase 4: Tailored Reports and Frontend Enhancement.


Manufacturing Software Development Expertise and Tech Stack

We empower businesses through expert nearshore software development outsourcing. Our proven track record speaks for itself: we deliver projects on time, on budget, and exceed client expectations. Outsource with confidence – we know how to align your needs and values with cutting-edge technology.

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