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Sr. Full-Stack Developer/Technical Leader


React.js, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Laravel, WordPress, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SASS, CakePHP

Prior Experience

Lead a team of frontend developers in creating various dashboards for a health care client. Architecting new components and functionality from scratch.Using Styled Components, TypeScript, React Hook Form, React Query amongst other libraries.

Part of a team responsible for new features, enhancements and maintenance of the HelpSocial platform. Main technologies used for Scopic Software: PHP (with the Laravel 5 framework), NodeJS with Express, ReactJS, amongst others.Support the sales team with potential clients and create estimates.


Full-stack web developer with more than ten years of experience in the development and implementation of systems and websites. Writing code that is readable, maintainable, and attaches the highest standards in the industry. Experience working in technologies such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js, React.js, Node.js, WordPress, Html/CSS, SASS, and more Strong experience of working in an Agile development environment Experience managing a small team of developers. Experience supporting sales representatives and discussing solutions with potential clients and creating estimates.

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