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Ssr. Front-end developer


JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Html/SaaS, Redux, Redux toolkit, Mobx, Go

Prior Experience

Lead the development of a platform made in React.js. Worked on the backend of the platform made in Go. The platform was built to buy and sell assets on the Argentinian financial market.Tried some cool libraries like React Dashboards, Ant Design, React Testing Library, and more. Strong preference in that application for a Domain-driven design and therefore used Mobx and Redux for the state management.

Worked on a platform that helps with the admin functions on a game. Leveraged libraries like Material UI, React Testing Library, MockJs and more. Went with a Domain-driven design and used Redux Toolkit for the state management. Worked on fixing and correcting the existing architecture of the Front-End code for a web application.


Front-end web developer with more than three years of experience in the development and implementation of systems and websites. Writing code that is readable, maintainable, and attaches the highest standards in the industry. Experience working in technologies such as JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Html/SaaS, Redux, Redux toolkit, mobx and more. Strong experience working in an Agile development environment. Self-motivated and attaches high value to self-improvement.

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