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PHP, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, Java, NodeJs, ReactJS, SpringBoot, S3 Bucket, ElasticSearch.

Prior Experience

Responsible in the maintenance of a project developed with Feathers in the Backend and with ReactJs in the Frontend.# Create the communication with S3 Buckets in AWS using a REST API to the backend.# Send and get S3 attachments.# Fix issues in multiple features.Involved in the development of a bundle with Spring Boot + Apache Camel. The goal of this bundle was to connect with a REST API sending dynamic parameters and return the JSON as response. This was built using Controllers to get multiple REST API.Involved in the development and maintenance of multiple branches with PHP, GitHub Actions, Helm. Used Codeceptions for writing the UnitTest.Involved in the development of middleware in NodeJS for logging to ElasticSearch AWS.

Involved in the development of ERP solutions to help manufacturing companies revolutionise how things are made by creating an extremely flexible manufacturing environment to accommodate strong product customisation and increase resource efficiency.Responsible for application development in technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, SVG, Canvas, HTML5.


15 years of experience in full-stack web development Expert in Functional Analysis of the development. Love to innovate and do things in an efficient manner. Excellent coding skills, as well as an ability to convert client requirements into exciting products. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Passionate about software engineering and crafting web applications.

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