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Software Engineer


C#, VB, JavaScript,Angular, Razor, jQuery, Oracle Pl Sql, PostgreSQL, Sql Server, Entity Framework, .Net Core, .Net Framework, Apache Solr, Jmeter, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Html/CSS

Prior Experience

Analyze and develop tasks in .Net Core Develop an API to communicate mobile and web application.The platform has been made to generate sales orders from an industrial hardware store.Technologies such as Apache Solr, and an eCommerce Framework were used.Unitary test cases were made on the platform.

Framework for migration of a system to .Net technologies. Develop reports. Automate tests with Katalon Studio. Develop systems for external clients in .Net technologies.


Started career as a Software developer and after about 5 years I have worked with several different technologies with an emphasis on .Net and Angular. I have found a great passion with technology, and I am always expanding my knowledge and skills as far as programming is concerned.

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