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Software Engineer


Python, Spark, AWS, RDBS, noSQL dbs, RESTful services, C++, Docker, Snowflake

Prior Experience

Responsible for the maintenance and creation of data processing pipelines using AWS as provider and python as programming language. We use the sisense platform for data visualization, dashboard creation, etc. Creation of graphics with important kpis for the company helping it to make better decisions oriented to its games.

Responsible for the analysis of large volumes of data, development of ETL's (Extract, Transform & Load), data ingestion, database migration and data lake processing using AWS as a cloud provider and python (pyspark, pandas, and other data processing frameworks) as a programming language.


Data developer with more than 3 years of experience in the area of Big Data. Responsible for the analysis of large volumes of data, development of ETL's, cloud computing, etc He started to program when he was 14 years old and actually he is doing the Informatics Engineering Career in FIUBA college. Experience working in technologies such as Python, C++, Java, RDBS, noSQL dbs, Kafka, Docker, GCP, AWS, Hadoop, Spark, Snowflake, RESTful services and more. Strong experience of working in an Agile development environment Self-motivated and attaches high value to self-learning.

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