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SSR FrontEnd Developer


React.js, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript,

Prior Experience

Worked in FrontEnd development and I had some responsibilities for programming components, visual elements, pages from designs provided for the clients, investigate, suggest, and implementing libraries for distinct features/functionalities, ensure the quality of code through the use of code conventions and best practices, keep good communication with some remote teams through daily and personal meetings.

Keep the clean code in the repository by configuring the Husky tool within the project.Through the implementation of Story Books library reduces the learning curve for new member teams.Reduced the number of bugs and issues reported in the project by 60%, with the implementation of UnitTest with Jest.Improve the quality of the code with comments and feedbacks of the Pull Request opened for other member teams.


Software developer with +8 years of experience, I have a degree in Computer Science and a master's degree in Software Development. I started as a software developer working on some projects within my university, after I got more responsibilities, like implementing web services, deploying the solutions, and keeping documentation about this. I have worked on distinct solutions, like banking products, medical appointment managers, admissions student forms, data visualization systems, and space management projects in buildings. I always like to keep the code clean, easy to understand, and efficient. I have used multiple languages and technologies including HTML, CSS, JS, Java, C#, .Net Core, ReactJS, Angular, SQL Server, and Oracle. For the last 4 years, I mainly have worked in FrontEnd development. I am a curious person, with great adaptability, and a continuous desire to learn. I always seek to improve my FrontEnd skills, perfect my English, and grow as a person and professiona

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