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Sr Full-Stack Developer


Java, JavaScript, Springboot, Kotlin, Angular, React, Python, AI / Machine Learning

Prior Experience

Design, develop, and deploy microservices to support business-critical new features. Build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Java and Kotlin code. Ensure that apps have the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness. Identify bottlenecks and bugs and devise solutions to problems. Helped in maintaining code quality. In addition, I was also responsible for code reviews, brainstorming, and participating in architectural sessions.

Involved in the development of core applications for a company that provides specialised health and life insurance solutions. Responsibilities included designing user stories, serving on the technical committee as a team member, and implementing best practises and architectural solutions for the applications.


I'm a seasoned software developer with 9+ years of experience. I can work in both team and self-directed environments, learning new technologies quickly while still delivering results for my company's needs! My strong desire to learn makes me an invaluable member on any project or where there is ever room for innovation within your business ecosystem - such as AI/ML development projects we've been seeing more frequently these days (AI being one area specifically where you'll find myself fluent). My skillset includes Java Scripts & Node JS; Oracle PL SQL ORACLE Database 12c Appliknowledge Spring Boot 2 Python 3 JPA Netflix OOSS Kubernetes Isstio MicroServices Architecture Angular React OpenShift DockerALI

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