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r. Backend Developer


Python, Flask, MySQL, Docker, AWS, Kubernetes

Prior Experience

Developed authentication service using AWS Cognito. Used Pytest for unit testing and Behave for BDD (Behavior-driven development) Programmed microservice using Python (FastAPI framework) Created AWS Lambda function which works with Amazon S3 and connected it to API based on OpenAPI Specification Coded ETL processes in pure Python using MySQL as database and managed them using JenkinsAutomated Kubeflow installation on both GCP and Azure using Ansible and SeleniumUsed Airflow to orchestrate ETL pipelines running on AWS instancesEmployed Pandas to analyze large data sets Developed stateless financial microservice from scratch using Flask. Used Redis for caching to improve performance and Nginx for proxying

Developed backend (using Python and Django) for social networks integration (Youtube, Twitter and Facebook APIs) Maintained microservices written in Flask and run using Docker and Kubernetes Architectured and implemented RESTful API based on OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Implemented a subtitle search engine using Elasticsearch and GraphQL Integrated payments API (Stripe) with TypeScript and Django Processed videos using FFmpeg. Understanding of Video codec and streaming protocols Managed with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) a distributed architecture composed of microservices. Used Pub/Sub as asynchronous messaging serviceExperienced with different backend architectures (microservices, serverless) Deployed four repositories using Gitlab CI (Continuous Integration)


Backend web developer five years of experience in the development and implementation of web applications Experience working in technologies such as Python, AWS, Pytest, Behave, FastAPI, MySQL, Jenkins, GCP, Azure, Ansible, Selenium, Flask, Pandas, Redis, Nginx, Django, FFmpeg, Elasticsearch, GraphQL, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Druid, Airflow, LDAP Oriented to high quality results and have customer service as my main value as a software developer

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