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Transform Your Education Organization with Innovative, Customized Ed Tech Solutions.

A Selected Handful of our Ed Tech Clients.

Our team of experienced software developers are experts in customizing and developing software solutions for the Ed Tech industry. We understand the unique needs of the sector, and specialize in creating tailored applications that can help educational organizations become more efficient and productive. Our nearshore software development services provide an affordable solution to companies looking to develop cutting-edge Ed Tech solutions.

We believe in providing innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs and goals of our clients. With our knowledge, expertise and resources, we can help you create software applications that will make a positive difference for your business.

We’ve been working with Azumo since our founding. Their team has been great to work with. We built out a massive AI based data platform with their help. They can handle just about anything.
Jim Stovell
Founder, CEO, Stovell AI Systems