1. Data Source

From the Data Source screen you can crawl and process pdf documents and website URLs. Charlibot uses this information to train on your content. Depending on the size of your website, you can also consider creating a frequently Asked Question document and simply upload it as a PDF document.  We prefer that you only provide Charlibot with the answers when creating your FAQ. Don’t worry, you can skip  the Q (questions) part and just give Charlibot the answers in context!

1. Either click the Upload PDF file from your computer, or

2. Click the Crawl and scrape URL. Please know that this will crawl your page domain and then provide you a list of potential pages to scrape and process.

3. The List of Data sources added which will be the information that the bot will take into account for answering questions

4. Delete button to permanently delete a data source added. this means that the bot will not be able to have that information to answer questions anymore.

5. Refresh button to have the current status of the upload of data source: Possible Statuses:  Vectorizing, Crawling, Waiting for URL selection, In Queue

6. Option to select the exact URL that we want to use as a data source based on all the URLs attached to the domain we added. here we can decide which of all the URLs Crawled from the URL domain that we added we want the bot to take into account when answering questions.

2. Appearance

Charlibot gives you the ability to customize the look and feel of your chatbot.

1. Style options to customize the bot such as:

  • Bot name: name displayed on the bot.
  • Chat bubble style: This impact how the widget will look on your site.
  • Avatar: upload an image from your computer to use as your bot icon. This will replace CharliBot’s cute little face 😢
  • Header Color: The color of the banner (name tab) of the bot.

2. A staging bot to see how all customization results.

3. Reset Style: will reset everything as default.

4. Save Settings: will save and display all changes on the integration of the bot with a website.

3. Playground

The Playground tab allows you to make changes to the Chatbot’s IQ.  We suggest you only start to play around with this once you get comfortable with the prompt responses provided using the default settings.  On the Playground screen you can test the bot based on Data Source additions and the settings.

1. At times you may want to change the “Introduction” prompt which provides the chatbot instructions on how to behave and handle specific situations.  If you need to rollback the prompt to the original prompt you can can use the following:

You are an assistant that uses available information to answer questions to the user.Please answer the following questions in a way that is appropriate for the context.
1. Use ONLY the "CONTEXT" to answer the question. The context embedded is between --- BEGIN CONTEXT --- and --- END CONTEXT ---
2. If the questions is a pleasantry or politeness expression, just answer back in the same way
3. If you don't know the answer or there is no "CONTEXT" available, just say "I'm not able to answer", and ask if they could provide more context for their question. Don't try to make up an answer

2. From the Playground you can also change the language the bot will respond to questions. We always prefer to have our bot respond in their best Pirate.  You can try it to by setting the language to: Answer in Pirate English.

3. Save settings button will save all changes you have made in the Playground.

4. We have created several ways for your users to work with your chatbot. You can have it as a simple Bot Widget that hangs out as a bubble on your webpage or you can have a dedicated page on your site that visitors can come to and use.

5. Bot: This where we can interact with the bot (conversational answers).

6. Search: This is where we can interact with the bot and get text-based answers with the sourcing from where the information was taken

7. Keep in mind that if you increase Temperature in this setting you may get more creative answers

4. Conversation Logs

With the conversation logs you can track all conversations your chatbot has handled.  From the conversations logs you can learn how the bot is working with actual visitors. And potentially add additional information to help the chatbot answer questions your visitors have but the chatbot may not have access to. You can download the CSV file from Log.

Use the date fields to add a date range for the Logs download

Simply click the Download button which will download the file to your computer.

5. Integration

There are 3 ways of add the bot to a webpage of your choice. You add it via the chatbot widget, on its on dedicated Web page, or as as semantic based search function.

Bot Widget:

This will allow you to add a widget based on all the information tested and checked on Playground into an existing web as a bubble to open the chat: Example:

When the Bot is tapped or clicked it will open and prompt the visitor. Example:

Bot Web:

This will allow to create a web completely and exclusively for the bot. Example:

Search Webpage:

This will allow having an interface of questions and direct answers based on text and the information of those findings by adding the direct link to the page added on data sources.


6. Subscription

As a user of Charlibot, we offer a usage base Free Trial. Once you go above the usage limits we ask that you activate a paid version of the service. Once activated you will have access to all available features of the service.

You can also understand your usage of the service by checking the Usage found in your profile.