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Twitter is the largest social media platform globally with over 320 million monthly active users with 79% of those accounts originating from outside the U.S. The company’s mission is to give everyone the power to create and share content instantly, without barriers, allowing anyone to connect in-the-moment with friends, other fascinating people and organizations around the world.
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Social Media / Entertainment
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Mobile App Development
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Mobile-first App, iOS.
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Engaging, mobile, easy to use enterprise-ready iOS app that allows twitter customers to capture spontaneous moments at their high impact events globally

The Challenge

Twitter needed a user-friendly, customizable mobile-first solution that they could confidently market to their advertisers and easily scale. For Twitter, scalability was paramount, as they envisioned having several Twitter Studio experiences deployed at branded events concurrently. A solution incorporating standard mobile hardware with a rich set of software features that could be configured easily on the fly would be the right approach. Twitter wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of the new solution at SxSW, a massive Interactive Media and Technology festival in Austin, TX. 

The Solution

Twitter partnered with Azumo to design and develop the new Twitter Studio. Azumo built a highly reliable version of Studio on iOS. The new Twitter Studio application allows users to tweet their choice of still photo, montage, GIF, or video with additional content. During a highly successful first event at SxSW, the new application generated several hundred fun tweets and showcased many of the unique features inherent to Twitter. With the new application developed by Azumo, Twitter can easily monitor the performance of the application and gracefully manage its usage throughout an event. Importantly, Twitter can deploy the application globally without needing on site technical help at each event. Twitter’s team now has an application with a solid foundation that they can confidently market to their customers


Twitter is keenly aware that the demand for impressive branded experiences leveraging their platform is a powerful source of potential engagement. The newly built application gives users access to many of the core Twitter platform features in a highly branded environment. Users can quickly get verified and interact with the application in moments. Azumo integrated several private features available only to Twitter apps which enhanced the overall native experience for the Twitter Studio user. Today, Twitter has an engaging, mobile, easy to use enterprise-ready app for their customers to capture spontaneous moments at their branded, high impact events globally

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