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Because Thoughtful is Easy. With Send-Say, you can send beautiful, mailed cards from your phone in seconds. We all like getting cards in the mail, hearing from friends and family. We like good design and nice paper and we like the convenience of using our phones to make things happen. Send a real, mailed greeting cards - right from your phone.
Web Application Development, Cross Platform Mobile App Development
React, React Native, iOS, Nodejs, Progressive Web Application
Stable, revenue generating mobile and desktop application to make amazing online card messaging.

The Challenge

The customer’s founder had invested with a 3rd party developer and internal team to build the original solution which was a PHP website and an iOS app. As is the norm with PHP backed solutions, the customer found out that while the initial monetary outlay is tiny, the costs to develop and maintain the application increase dramatically as the solution becomes more complex and features need to be added for robustness. The iOS app was visually unappealing and while iOS is extremely popular the platform did not align with the company’s target customer base. The original solution was also limited in terms of the types of payments as it could only accept in-app purchasing initially (which ate into company’s bottom-line).

The Solution

Today, the customer can maintain and extend their application easily since we eliminated a significant amount of technical debt and refactored the solution to use more modern technologies and off-the-shelf components. With the augmented feature set available to them they can market the solution to a wider audience of potential users.  By using a cross-platform React solution, the customer can support all of their users including those on desktop, iOS and most importantly Android, with a single codebase -- with no differences whatsoever between versions. The changes expanded the top of the funnel for the business and has decreased the falloff in every stage of the funnel. Last the company can now affordably enrich the solution without the complications of PHP.

Details for tech geeks

Without downtime, Azumo migrated the implementation to a Node based GraphQL backend with a Node/React backoffice and a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for the frontend. The PWA frontend can be used as a website for desktop, mobile, and Smart-TV. The application can now be published in the Apple Store or in the Google Play Store. Azumo expanded the number of supported payment methods such as Paypal and Stripe, thereby lessening the payment gateway costs, increasing net revenue at equal gross revenue. Azumo team of three: consisting of two developers and project manager working alongside the founder and CTO.

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