Web Application Development, Data Engineering for Python and SQL

The Challenge

Bento knew their customers had specific usage patterns for their product, but wanted to drive more informed marketing and financial decisions based on a considerable amount of usage data they had available. 

They want this data to be portrait in an easy to analyze-more fashion way, they wanted a BI platform instead of just numbers. However, the existing data set was spread over dozens and dozens of internal databases and tables. Moreover the data was not readily available in a star-schema format to be ingested by typical data visualization and modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools. 

The Solution

We came in with a dedicated team consisting of an architect, one developer and a systems analyst.

Based on Bento’s selection for the underlying data visualization platform, we transform customer data into star-schema, we created dashboards and extensive filtering options and we identify usage patterns for different customer cohorts and successfully modify both their marketing and product offerings, as well as their financial planning accordingly.

At the end, we provided actionable insight into the substantial growth of the business creating more management and board level visibility…and in words of Bento, we “did it in a timeframe… didn’t think was possible”.

Technical Details

Azumo implemented and scheduled a number of batch jobs to transform PII expunged customer data into a star-schema that allowed any BI platform to quickly visualize and drill down the data. Bento selected Chartio as the underlying platform for data visualization. Azumo also created within Chartio, a number of interactive dashboards with extensive filtering so that Bento could quickly isolate any given pair of data cohorts and generate comparison metrics and visualizations.



Bento offers Bento’s financial operating platform enables businesses to issue physical and virtual payment credentials to people and systems without introducing risk while providing companies unprecedented control and visibility over their B2B expenses and company spend. Open APIs, and White Label partnerships extend these control and management benefits to automate payments well beyond expenses alone. The company was successfully acquired by Union Bank of California
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Web Application Development, Data Engineering for Python and SQL
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The most complete B2B payments solution that enables Businesses to issue physical and virtual payment credentials to people and systems.
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